10 Amazing Ideas For A Bride To Look A Classy Vintage Bride

Being old is being fashionable. It is the best line that a person could say for fashion styles today. Every bride wants to look the best bride and wants all eyes to be totally glued on her. A bride wants to dress according to the fashion and style which prevails at present. These days’ vintage styles are very much in fashion. Brides are taking immense inspiration from brides of the past. They are taking note of styles and attire of the brides of the earlier times. There are a number of ways in which a bride can be a perfect elegant vintage bride.

Some Of These Have Been Mentioned And Discussed Below:

1. Dress Of The Bride

The first impression of the bride is with the dress that she is wearing on the big day of her life. A bride can opt for full sleeve or long sleeve dress with some artistic touch to it. The dress can have flares and frills also. All these factors add to the vintage look for the bride. The bride will look stunning with this dress and this will also help her in getting the perfect vintage bride look.

Dress of the bride2. Hairstyle

The hairstyle plays a vital role in the appearance of the bride. As a modern day bride who wants a vintage look you can opt for a perfect hairdo which has been inspired from the earlier times. You can opt for side curls, fancy buns or any other hairdo which can be associated with the past. You may also use some interesting hair access also.


3. Jewelry

The jewelry of the bride is an eye catcher. The jewelry that a bride wears is often the talk of the town. As a bride you can borrow jewelry from your grandmother or mother who will have the perfect vintage collection of jewelry. If you can’t manage that then order for jewelry which have vintage style designs on them. Keep it simple and it will be the best set in your collection.


4. Veil

A veil plays an important role. It is a traditional look which is being followed by brides over the years. So, if you want to look the perfect vintage bride you can’t give this accessory a miss on your wedding day. You can be experimental with your bridal look with the veil and wear a stylish veil.


5. Lip Colour

We all use a nice colour lipstick on our wedding day and want to look the best. You can use a lip shade which was mainly used by girls in the earlier days. You can use shades of orange or red which are bright and if you want to keep it simple and subtle you can opt for shades of brown or nude colours.

Lip Colour

6. Eyeliner

Eyeliner is one of the most important and vital in getting you a vintage as a bride. The application of the eyeliner shall be done in a vintage style which includes long lines along the edges. This gives your eyes a very different look which also looks smart and stylish. This style was very famous in earlier years and is coming back to fashion.


7. Pearls

Pearls are one of the most important gems if you want to look a vintage style bride on your wedding day. You shall make sure that your look has a few pearls. It can be in jewelry, accessories or anything. You should not give this elegant looking piece a miss.


8. Rings

Large and solid rings were worn by women in the past. Make sure you wear solid rock rings or large cocktail rings for your perfect look. These look nice and give your fingers a perfect look. You can wear one nice cocktail ring which makes your hands look much better and appealing. In fact it gives a very rich look.


9. Clutch

Clutch is an essential part of the bride’s look these days. You can opt for a nice looking clutch which goes well with your bridal look. It also adds a lot of show to your entire look and also enhances your look. A small clutch going well with your wedding dress will be a great touch up to your royal bride look.


10. Photographs

The bride can pose exclusively for her wedding pictures. She has have the right attitude and style of the earlier day brides. The pictures will be your best memory of a vintage bride. An amazing bridal photo shoot in various vintage poses will the best memories of your look.


These are some of the ideas in which a bride can look a classy vintage bride. She will love stunning in this vintage look and will also be setting an example for the future brides.

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