10 Amazing Solid Colour Theme Ideas For Weddings

Weddings are one of the most exciting and memorable parts of human life and experience. As a bride and groom the couple do not want anything to go wrong in their wedding. These days’ couples want to have themes for their weddings and they want all the wedding arrangements to be done according to the theme of the wedding. There are various themes which the couples have for their wedding. One of the themes which the couple can choose from is the colours. Solid colours can be great themes for a wedding. Some of the ideas for a great solid colour theme for a wedding have been mentioned and discussed below.

Below Are The 10 Amazing Solid Colour Theme Ideas For Weddings:

1. White

The colour white has a beauty and charm which cannot be compared or matched by any other colour. A white colour theme for your wedding is the most classy and stylish themes which you can opt for your wedding. The white decor will leave the guests mesmerized completely. It is one of the most common colours for wedding but you can always make this theme look unique and different. By suing white you can always give a new meaning and look to your theme.


2. Pink

Pink is a lovely colour for your wedding theme. Even though pink is said to a girl’s colour it has a charm which attracts all. You can use various shades of pink or combine the shades of the colour to make the theme look extremely girly and eye catching. This will be one of the prettiest colours for a theme wedding.


3. Blue

Blue is a favourite colour of many. It has a spark and shines which is often not present in many other bright colours. You can use the dark shades of blue to get the best look for your amazing theme wedding. There are various shades of blue which can be used by you for a perfect wedding theme. As the bride and groom you can personally take small efforts to make this theme look lovely and eye catching.


4. Orange

It is very often said that orange is the new black. It is one of the most fashionable colours and can be used in practically everything. You can fit in orange colour easily with various other colours. The colour can be used very smartly and professionally for your wedding theme. In fact, you will get a number of natural things to enhance this lovely theme. It is one of the best colour for a fashionable theme wedding.


5. Red

Red is an electrifying colour which has a different impact on the onlookers. It lights up and brightens the entire wedding. Red is one of those few bright colours which have an attraction and appeal which is hard to miss. It will make your wedding an affair to remember. This is a perfect colour for your wedding if you want brightness and positivity all around you.


6. Peach

Peach is a light and subtle colours which looks extremely elegant and classy. If you do not want to use very loud colours as your wedding theme then peach is the perfect colour for your wedding. Peach is one of the most underrated colours and make sure you use this colour in such a way that it becomes a trend. It looks great and also enhances the beauty of the place.


7. Purple

Purple is a nice bright colour which catches your attention instantly. Purple is not used very often for wedding themes as people do not prefer this colour. You can break the trend for your wedding and use purple in more than one interesting and eye catching ways for your wedding theme. Various shades of purple can be used for creating the perfect theme from this colour.


8. Silver

Silver has a spark and shine which is missing from most colours. It is one of the best colours which are safe and easy for a wedding theme. It looks great and also enhances and lights up the entire wedding. It adds a certain life to your entire wedding. Silver theme is one of the readily available colour themes for your wedding.


9. Golden

Golden is a great colour which has been used over ages for weddings. It has a class and charm which has an old world charm. You can use this amazing colour in a beautiful and eye catching way for your wedding theme.


10. Yellow

Yellow is one colour which defines sunshine. You can use this colour for your wedding theme with an inner meaning of new life too. It is a bright and vibrant colour which can be used in a smart and intelligent manner as a colour theme. It will also be a great break from the usual colours which are used for wedding themes.


These are a few wonderful colours which you can use for your wedding theme of solid colours. You can be innovative and creative as you use these wonderful colours.

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