10 Amazing Wedding Trends For 2017

Wedding is a big occasion in the life of every couple and individual. It means a lot to every person as it is a new phase and new beginning of your life with your partner. We all want our wedding to be special and known for all the right reasons. Most of us try to look into every detail of the wedding and try to make it the best wedding ever. One of the ways in which we try to make our wedding amazing is by following the trends and the styles if the particular season or the year.

Every year brings with it a new set of trends which make weddings spectacular. There are many couples who will be getting married in 2017 and they want their wedding to be according to the trends of that year. There are a number of trends with reference to the bride, groom, decor, style etc. which can be followed for the wedding.

Some Of The Trends To Be Followed For A Wedding Of 2017 Have Been Mentioned Below:

1. Veils

During any wedding the main and primary attraction is the bride. For a wedding in 2017 a bride shall opt for a veil. It looks extremely elegant and classic. Moreover, this adds a vintage charm to the appearance of the bride. It is one of the trendy looks for a bride in the coming year.


2. Pink

Pink is a colour which we all love. It has a charm and attraction which is possessed by very few colours. For a wedding in 2017 you can opt for a pink colour wedding. All the things for the wedding can be done and executed keeping this colour in mind. The colour possesses various shades and you can mix and match or combine various shades to get a great pink theme wedding.


3. Off Shoulders

Off shoulders is the rage at present. It is something that every girl wants to possess and have. As a bride you will love to flaunt the trendiest piece and look absolutely stunning. An off shoulder is the best that you can wear for your wedding in the coming year. It looks great and possesses an elegance and charm which will definitely not disappoint you.


4. Save The Dates

It is very important to inform all your guests, friends and relatives about your wedding with time in hand. You can have the save the dates made for your guests and sent out to them. It looks extremely trendy and fun. It is a great way of informing all your guests to save the date for your wedding.


5. Metallic Pieces

Decoration of the wedding venue plays a very important and vital role in the appearance and look of your wedding venue. You can use some beautiful and stunning metallic pieces for the venue and make it look simply outstanding. We usually opt for glass or silver pieces. You will love the look of metallic decoration pieces.


6. Capes

Capes are very much in fashion and the trend will continue in 2017 as well. As a bride you can wear a lovely dress and team it up with a great cape which adds to your trendy look on the big day. You can also ask your bridesmaids to wear a dress with a cape. This will look absolutely stunning and fashionable.


7. Quirky Food

Food is the main attraction for wedding. You always look forward to have some mouth watering food when you are attending a wedding with a lot of options. For your wedding you can opt for some interesting stuff and with a lot of variations which are interesting and exciting for all the food lovers.


8. Bean Bags

The normal chairs and tables are things of old at weddings. You want something different for the seating of the guests attending your wedding. You can opt for amazing bean bags. They are comfortable and interesting seating arrangements which look attractive and fun.


9. Animated Cakes

Cakes are one of the most amazing things at weddings. You can opt for delicious animated cakes for your wedding. These are attractive and different. Moreover they look extremely attractive. You can opt for some great animations which are fun and interesting for your wedding cake.


10. Photo Corners

Photo corners are the biggest and the most interesting attractions of weddings these days. This attraction will continue as a trend for weddings in 2017. You can have a well designed and an extremely interesting photo corner for your wedding which will grab most of the attention at your wedding.


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