10 Best Hairdos For A Bride In 2016

Hair is an integral part of every girl. She simply adores her hair and her mood is invariably dependent on her hair. On a daily basis a girl keeps a check on her hair and tries her best to take care of it. As a bride a girl becomes more conscious and particular about her hairstyles and the appearance that her gives. Every bride wants her hair to enhance her appearance as a bride. Every year there are a number of new fashionable hair styles which are in vogue and most brides want those hairstyles on their big day. For this year there are a number of fashionable hairstyles which a bride must try.

Some Of These Hairstyles Have Been Mentioned Below:

1. Bob

A bob hairstyle is one of the most fashionable hairstyles of this year. It defines the present day bride who is smart and confident. You can be a little innovative with this hairstyle by choosing the length of the bob and if you want any particular parting on style on the edges. It is a lovely hairstyle for the present day bride.


2. High Bun

A high bun is the hairstyle where the hair of the bride is pulled up to form a bun at the top of the head. This hairstyle is one of best hairstyles this year for all the brides who want a neat and sleek appearance. In fact, this hairstyle gives your jaws a great look.

High bun

3. With Hair Accessories

These days there are innumerable hair accessories available in the market. As a bride you can opt for some amazing hair accessories to enhance the look of your hair. If you want simple hair accessories then you can opt for a single pearl or stone accessory and if you want to opt for something more elaborate you can try the hair accessories with designs. These are lovely pieces which make your hairstyle look great.

With hair accessories

4. Curls

Curls are one of the evergreen hairstyles which are always in fashion. As a bride you can opt for some amazing curls depending on the look you want. You can try the small curls or the big stiff curls. If you do not want curls in the entire length of your hair then you can opt for curls just at the end. They always look great.


5. Loose Bun

A loose bun is one of the most interesting looking hairdos of this year. It is done in a little casual manner leaving a few strands of the bride’s hair loose. In fact, a bride can opt for an entire loosely held up bun. It looks extremely sensuous if it has been done in the appropriate manner. You need to make sure that the hair has been done extremely well.

Loose bun

6. Braids

Braids are a perfect hair do for a bride who wants to look young and give her hair a very different look. The best thing about opting for braids is that you can experiment with your hairstyle in a number of different styles and looks. Braids can be done in various interesting and fashionable styles for the bride.


7. Tongs

Tongs are one of the most fascinating hairstyles for this season. As a bride you can opt for tongs at the end of your hair or towards the lower part of the hair. This looks extremely crisp and gives your hair a perfect look. This hairstyle looks the best on long hair as it entirely changes the look of the bride’s hair.


8. French Plaits

French plaits are a big catch this year for brides. It is one of the most interesting hairdos which a bride can opt for. You need to make sure that the French plaits are done in the perfect manner to make sure they make your hair look the best and standout. It is one of the simple but very elegant hairstyles this year.

French plaits

9. High Pony

A high pony has a look which is my favourite this year. It is the best hairstyle and one of the most hassle free hairstyles that a bride can opt for this year. You can neatly pull up your hair to a high pony and look absolutely chic on your wedding day. This hairstyles highlights your facial cuts and jaws in the perfect way possible.

High pony

10. Beehive

A beehive is a simple hairstyle which gives a fancy look. As a bride you can do your beehive hairstyle in various different ways and in different partings. You can do your hairstyle in one of the most interesting ways with the beehive.


These are some of the best hairstyles that a bride can opt for in 2016. These hairdos will give the bride a much better look and will definitely enhance the beauty of the bride.

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