10 Best Places In USA For Honeymoon

Honeymoon is one of the most beautiful and memorable period of a new couple’s life. Honeymoon, is usually the first trip that a couple takes alone post the wedding. In this trip you get ample of alone time as a couple and get to know each other immensely. A couple shall choose a number of places to visit during their honeymoon and shall keep it about two to three weeks long at least. In this period a couple shall try to cover romantic, peaceful, crowded and various other kinds of places. The couple shall also try various other adventurous things a place has. The US is one of the best places a couple can cover during their honeymoon period. It is widespread and huge. It also offers a number of landscapes and interesting places which are a must visit.

Some Of These Amazing Places Which You Can Cover Have Been Mentioned Below:

1. Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the must visits in the US. It is an isolated place with a great view. A great attraction for tourists, Hawaii will never fail to disappoint you will its amazing scenery. It has amazing beaches, waterfall, and clear water to add to the natural beauty of the place.


2. Maui

Maui is a beautiful island located in the mid Pacific. It is beautiful place with amazing natural beauty, beaches and eye catching geography. It is an island with an extremely diverse geography. Maui is known for various activities like snorkelling, biking, hiking etc. It is one of the best places to relax after the wedding madness.


3. Miami

One of the best beaches in the world, Miami, is a beautiful place in Florida. It is known for its amazing and eye catching beaches. These beaches have a view worth seeing. Miami is said to have one of the best beaches in the world. So, post your wedding it will be one of the best places to unwind.


4. New York City

A dream city as many would call it; the New York City is the most populated city in the country. It has various attractions like the Times Square, Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty. These are one of the best attractions in the city. It is a fast city giving you the best style of the city life style.

New York City

5. Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known worldwide for its great lifestyle and amazing casinos. If you and your partner are all in for amazing nightlife and excited to explore the nightlife of any place this is definitely the place to be. It is a city which never sleeps and it sure won’t disappoint you.

Las Vegas

6. Napa Valley

Napa valley is one of the best known wineries in the world. It is a widespread wine estate which is extremely beautiful and eye catching. You can also take an aerial view of the winery. It is a huge place. There are other attractions like golf, wine sales, lodging, staying, dining and various other activities make it more attractive.

Napa valley

7. Sedona

Sedona is one of the lesser known Arizona desert towns. It is located near the Flagstaff, and is entirely surrounded by canyons, red rocks and pine forests. It has a very different natural view which is at places breath taking. Sedona is a relatively quiet place which will be a great place for your honeymoon.


8. Savannah

Savannah is located in the island area of the Georgia city. Savannah is separated from south Carolina by the beautiful river Savannah. You can get a great view of parks, horse drawn carriages and great architecture. Savannah has a great vintage look and will be definitely different from the various places which you will be covering during your honeymoon.


9. Alaska

Alaska is located to the northwest of Canada. It is one of the largest and the less populated city in the US. It has mountains, forests and plenty of open spaces. You will have immense fun as there are few people and the landscape is great. You can also indulge in some amazing outdoor activities. It will be a great attraction for your honeymoon.


10. Alabama

Alabama is a great place to go for your first vacation with your better half. The view of the place is amazing. You get a great view of the Gulf of Mexico. The place also gives you a great feel as you feel sand in between your fingers of the feet. A number of private places are also available on rent so, in short the entire place gives you all that you need for a perfect honeymoon.


These are a few amazing places in the US which you can cover in your honeymoon. You will definitely have the time of your life in this phase of your marriage.

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