10 Best Wedding Hairstyles That Goes Well With Veil

Wedding woes is synonymous with that perfect hairstyle that can make you a stand out as a bride or even as an attendee. The pressure is even more to nail a perfect hairstyle wearing a veil. It has often been found that many try to ape the celebrity veil hairstyle without even giving a second thought. Bottom line; everybody has their own personality that should be complemented by paying attention to all aspects such as hair type, length and density. Below mentioned hairstyles can be accessorised with different wedding hairstyle accessories. So, take a look at these 10 wedding hairstyles that look beautiful with a headpiece or veil.

Here Are The 10 Best Wedding Hairstyles That Goes Well With Veil:

Loose/ Hippie

Loose wave hair looks immaculate in almost all hairstyle. It is also famously known as hippie hairdo. Give a new definition to this hairstyle on your wedding day by wearing a flapper style headgear, the best companion of loose hair down.

Loose hippie

Low Bun/ Half Up Half Down

Go retro and tie your hair to form a low bun, for long hair there is half up, half down. Now, what about the veil? This hairstyle goes well with a birdcage veil, so go retro and be at the center of attraction.

Low bun

Braided Hairdo

This hairstyle is very much in vogue and there is no reason why you should not be going for it. Most importantly, nothing can go wrong with this hairstyle and to add wedding touch up, simply get yourself a full length silk veil.

Braided hairdo


The humble ponytail can also make a statement as a wedding hairstyle that can look good with veil. If you want to add dimension to its simplicity, fix some gorgeous looking hair clips. Another option is bouffant which makes the hair appear voluminous.


Avante Garde

Eccentric ways to do hair can also add beauty to bridal wedding hairstyle. Avante garde hairstyle needs loads of spunk to pull it off and a good hairdresser to craft it to perfection. The veil has to be such that it does not blanket the center top of your head. But again, there needs to be enough character to pull it off.

Avante garde

Side Ponytail

Regular ponytail with a twist; this is how you describe side ponytail. Side ponytail should be the hairstyle of your choice with veil if you have long and smooth hair. The veil fits perfectly on side ponytail and one can also add barette and large pins on them.

Side ponytail


This French hairdo tightly binds the hair on the nape region, hence the name. As a result the bun itself grips the veil well without messing up the hairdo. The nost preferred veil is once again birdcage.


Crown Braid

This is the most traditional-in-feel hairstyle and makes it perfect with veiled look too. Instead of putting backward, a single braid is rolled over well cropped layer of hair. Originated from Ukraine, the hairstyle is versatile in terms of whatever veil or headgear you plan to don.

Crown braid

French Twist

This hairstyle works wonders both in its simple and complex avatar. Make sure to apply a lot of hairspray and use pins before twisting your hair upward. Choose a veil of your choice and stun the crowd this easy.

French twist


Virtually no hairstyle list is complete without the mention of updo style. The hairstyle is almost similar to chignon. As many as eighty updo style for hair makes it the most flexible trend of all. However it is always advisable to avoid updo that are too big to accommodate veil. Therefore, beehive should be avoided the most.


Also when it comes to picking out the right veil, the first thing to keep in mind is its length and how well it can attach itself to the hairstyle. For those who are not willing to wear veil all day long, they can opt for headbands. Headbands give the liberty to detach the veil at any given time. The biggest worry for short hair is how the veil will be placed on the head. Therefore it is best to attach the veil with headband.

It is often wrongly assumed that the hairstyle do not look as good as they do in magazines. Do not be averse to change and go for it; if you want to be absolutely sure then don’t hesitate to consult a hairdresser. Keep a tiara or a veil in handy to check the compatibility of the hairstyle with veil then and there. Subtle coloring of hair is also an add on that can enhance the styling of some of the aforementioned hairdo.

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