10 Best Wedges For A Bride

It is very important for a bride to be extremely comfortable while she walks. Hence, it becomes very important for the bride to choose the right pair of shoes for her big day. The bride has a lot of walking to do on the wedding day. She has to walk down the aisle. A slight discomfort or uneasiness will create a lot of problem for the bride as she walks down. The bride shall make sure that her comfort level is just perfect with the shoes that she plans to wear on the wedding day. All eyes will on the bride and she shall show no signs of discomfort. If your legs hurt because of the shoes, the uneasiness shows on your face and this has a direct effect on your confidence as a bride. One of the best choices to make while selecting your shoes for the wedding day is to wear wedges. Wedges are comfortable heels. They have a well adjusted platform and it helps in keeping you stable and not stumbling while walking. There a number of wedges which you can opt and choose from.

Some Of The Wedges Have Been Discussed And Mentioned Below:

1. Wedges With A Bow

Wedges with a bow are extremely girly and makes you feel extremely good as you walk down the aisle. In fact, you want to show that bow to everyone present. You can opt for wedges which have bows in the front on a bow at the back of the shoe. Make sure that you choose the one where the bow is visible.

Wedges with a bow

2. White Wedges

White wedges are one of the most elegant wedges. They will go well with your wedding dress if the colour of your dress is white or has shades of white in it. Make sure you keep your white wedges extremely carefully as the colour is extremely light and it may get dirty.

White wedges

3. Wedges With Stones

If you feel that you need wedges with some substance, then wedges with stones are the perfect choice. These wedges give a nice look and add show and value to the dress as well. You can opt the wedges which have stones which are well spread throughout or just at a particular portion or area of the shoe.

Wedges with stones

4. Two Colour Wedges

Two colour wedges are a great choice if you want to add some colour and do some mix and match with your wedding dress. These look nice and stylish too. You can opt for some contrasting colours if you want to attract people to the shoes.

Two colour wedges

5. Jute Wedges

Jute wedges are very much in fashion right now. Some jute cloth is applied on the platform of the shoes. This makes the shoes look extremely fashionable. If you are a fashionable bride, willing to try the new and trendy stuff, then you can definitely opt for this.

Jute wedges

6. Net Wedges

Net is a material which is being used everywhere at present. You get clothes, hair accessories, bags etc. all made of net. Similar is the case with respect to shoes and wedges. You can have net wedges. The material is applied to the wedges to make them look stylish and nice. You can opt for net wedges which are embellished with stones, glitter, sequins or any other thing which makes it look more stylish.

Net wedges

7. Closed Shoe Style Wedges

Closed shoe style wedges are the safest and the best wedges one can opt for. These are the most comfortable wedges and give to support in the front and back of your feet. These make your feet feel extremely comfortable and relaxed. Moreover, the closed shoe wedges look very classy and trendy. They are always in fashion.

Closed shoe style wedges

8. Black Wedges

The black wedges are the safest option for wedges. The colour is a neutral colour and will go with dress of any colour or shade. In fact, if you plan to buy a pair of black wedges for your wedding, then this will be one of those pair of wedges which you will utilize the most post your wedding as well.

Black wedges

9. Silver Or Golden Wedges

The silver or the golden wedges are a great option for your wedding day. These two colours go well with every colour. These two colour also give a different shine and look to your feet. These can also have silver or golden stones on them to make them standout.

Silver or Golden wedges

10. Nude Wedges

Nude wedges are one of the lightest yet the most stylish, elegant and fashionable colour of wedges. These are always in fashion and look extremely nice when worn. The nude colour wedges give your feet a different look altogether.

Nude wedges

These are a few wedges which a bride can wear for her wedding. Make sure you choose a pair of wedges which are comfortable and have a soft sole. It is very important that you walk confidently on your wedding day, so choose the right pair of wedges.

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