10 Caribbean Islands Perfect For Destination Weddings

Have you ever wondered why The Caribbean is the most preferred location for Destination weddings? This is due to the super exciting and fantastic cluster of Islands that turns a wedding into an unforgettable memory. The beaches here are perfectly the ones which are always dreamt of. The following article gives you a glimpse of the amazing Islands which are the hot spots for destination weddings.

Here Are The 10 Caribbean Islands Perfect For Destination Weddings:

1. Aruba Islands

This place has it all glamour, beautiful island life and amazing scenic beauty. This island is located below the hurricane belt having marvelous views of twisted dividivi trees and cacti. The coast line shines with deep colors of aqua colored sea and cold air flow. This island has super classy beach front resorts due to which the place is so loved for destination weddings. The resort coordinators would work all day and night long to make your dream wedding come true. The party life of Aruba is worth visiting with all the rock music and lights that goes on till the dawn.

Aruba Islands

2. Bahamas

If a choice is given to select from numerous islands of the world, Bahamas is the island that would top the desire list of everyone who has known the island. From the coast of central Florida, the Great Bahamas Island provides a huge resort wedding. This island gives a complete plan to get married on the pristine beach and moving to a local resort for reception. The luxury resorts and the sea views around would take your breath away. This Island has everything that can make a wedding super cool. From casinos to water parks, from sybaritic spas to perfectly groomed beaches with exotic restaurants, this Island is a treasure of exciting places.


3. Cayman Islands

This island has everything that would compliment a beautiful wedding. This island has numerous facilities just like the International restaurants providing delicious cuisines, trendy and sensational boutiques following yoga studios. The Cayman delivers a lot of stunning wedding planners who would just make your wedding the talk of the town. This island is a combination of three beautiful isles. The largest isle is the George Town where the waterfront is furnished with outdoor cafes and a beautiful beach. The cuisines and exotic location makes it one of the most preferred islands for weddings.

Cayman Islands

4. Dominican Republic

This is a collection of the prettiest and ever shining beaches of Caribbean. If you are planning for a vintage wedding, this is a perfect place for you as can arrange the wedding in the 16th century cathedral in Sato Domingo, the capital and the oldest city of America. The resorts offer every luxury like private beaches, pools and restaurants all you need for a classy wedding.

Dominican Republic

5. Jamaica Islands

Jamaica has all the easy transportation facilities that make it more reachable and preferred. This place is full of amazing gourmet restaurants, water spots, fun night life, beautiful beaches etc. The most romantic facilities here are champagne while check – in, private beach dinners, free weddings etc. This makes the island a most preferred destination to create a memorable and cherish able wedding function.

Jamaica Islands

6. Puerto Rico

Crazy for salsa dance, vibrant nightlife and Latin culture? This is the most suited place for you. The beautiful resort in Isla Verde Beach would give you a never had experience. This island hosts numerous sunset weddings. This island provides everything that you need to consider in your wedding.

Puerto Rico

7. Riviera Maya

This island has a unique culture and history along with the nature’s grace. It is very suitable for weddings as the beautiful view of palm-lined beaches and water can fit into your budget yet making it an extremely elegant wedding. If you consider getting married at this place it is worth to get one of the elements of the traditional Maya weddings. Shaman leds the weddings and give blessings in ancient Mayan language.

Riviera Maya

8. St Kitts And Nevis

This twin island nation is a sophisticated classic and gorgeous place for weddings. The classic tradition of serving includes exotically spiced rum punches and traditional west Indian buffets. Beautiful gardens, oceans and beaches are the best places to arrange the wedding ceremonies.

St Kitts and Nevis

9. St Lucia

The towering twin piton mountains and bays are the beautiful attractions of this island. The resorts here are designed in such a way that you can witness the beauty of the mountain ranges from any side of the rooms. If you have a fantasy for cruise weeding, this place would surely meet your expectations

St Lucia

10. USVI – U.S Virgin Islands

These islands are a combination of three isles. Regular flights and transportation is available from this place. The wedding a t the Magens Bay, one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world would keep you stunned. The forests and quite beaches are the main attraction of this place.

USVI - U.S Virgin Islands

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