10 Cool Dressing Styles For Autumn And Winter Bridesmaids

Is your friend getting married in the winter or in the autumn months this year, and you being the bridesmaid do not want to look and feel cold in a thin chiffon number, this is just for you. Else if you are the bride yourself and want to make your girls look absolutely gorgeous and amazing on your D- Day, here we have come up with some of the chic and cool looks for autumn and winter bridesmaid dresses.

Whilst the best way to keep it chic yet cool in the colder months is by wearing gowns which are not body exposing, the idea is to wear full length gowns and material which are in layers and heavy as well. Thus, taking you through some of the cool looks for autumn and winter bridesmaids to be precise.

Here Are The 10 Cool Dressing Styles For Autumn And Winter Bridesmaids:

1. Try The Satin Gown

You can simply never go wrong with wearing satin dresses in the cold and harsh temperatures and look absolutely stunning as a bridesmaid as well! This number is a great choice, from the cut to the styling and the long length and the material makes sure that you are warm at least to a great extent.

Try the satin gown

2. Lacy Dresses

Laces are always a great choice for a wedding party but in winters, lace is what you might be wondering at right? Well, chill as you can indeed incorporate your lace love into the bridesmaid dress when you use some other fabric at the base and then incorporate the lace over it. Laces are always a great choice as they can be used as sleeves too!

Lacy dresses

3. The Plum Gown With Covered Shoulder

Check out this lovely combination made with plum gowns adorned and wrapped up in woolen covers in neutral shades while this dress is just a perfect wear for the chilly winter climates. While the pleats and the long length of the gown keeps you warm, the hand and the shoulders also get relief along with you looking totally stunning!

The Plum gown with covered shoulder

4. The Chic Dupioni Options

In case you are looking for a silk like fabric to wear on your friend’s wedding and look like a showstopper, check out the fabric option like dupioni which will keep you warm and great all through the chilly wind of the autumn or the winter climate and make you look cool too. Experiment with a different cut while your legs are all covered.

The chic dupioni options

5. The Matte Bridesmaid Dress Option

In case you are not a bling person and think that traditional satin is not your cup of tea, here we have come with a nearby alternative where you can get a dress or a gown made up of duchess satin which is totally matte and is stiffer than the original satin counterpart. Incorporate a bit of style into your dress while you add a short sized but long sleeved jacket with the dress to create a varied look!

The matte bridesmaid dress option

6. Incorporate Cardigans With Dresses

Did you always think that dresses and cardigans never went hand in hand? And more so in a marriage occasion? Well, if so, you must have been gravely mistaken as the girls here shows us how to wear dress and mix and match the grey black cardigans with it and look equally chic and stylish in no time!

Incorporate cardigans with dresses

7. Go For Black And Stockings

Blacks as a bridesmaid dress is definitely “in” and more so if you choose a heavier fabric to do the upper and leave the legs exposed while getting them warm wearing a stylish stocking! While, even shirts can be worn over the dress to give a two piece look, all in all, it is cool enough to be on the list!

Go for black and stockings

8. Colorful Shrugs

You can create an impact with your bridesmaid dresses and wear the similar inner attire as like the others, however make the impact by wearing colorful and color- bursting shrugs to add to the glory and the merry of the situation! Definitely a style to try out and rock, if you have the guts to, that is!

color- bursting shrugs

9. The Combo Of Boots And Uppers

This one can be indeed termed as cute where all of the bridesmaids are wearing similar attire with ankle length boots or covered shoes, stockings, and wearing super cute and flashy sweaters coupled with their golden copper bottoms!

The combo of boots and uppers

10. The Lovely Maroon In Organza

This piece made up of the traditionally made from silk fabric, organza is a form on its own which is sheer and thin yet saves you from the cold winds! Giving a bridesmaid all the opportunity to stay warm, the maroon organza dress is a perfect wear for a wedding any day.

The lovely maroon in organza

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