10 Innovative Bridal Shower Ideas

There are lots of electrifying things happening in and around the wedding. The shopping, planning, bachelorette party and of course the wedding day all are fun. But the countdown of the wedding is a little bit boring. But we usually participate in the bridal shower programs to accompany the bride and help her to make great memories. So it is a great idea to make it more entertaining and exciting rather than only do the countdown and wait for the big day. There are numerous ideas are there in the world.

Let’s Focus On The 10 Best Ideas For Bridal Shower:

1. Sweet Treats

Food is the most delicious part of any programme. It will be more fun if the foods of the shower are made according to the bride’s choice. If the bride loves to eat cookies, donuts, lozenge then made her favourite desserts to build strong memory. You can design the desserts and the foods in funny shapes and feminine colours and wrap it or serve it beautifully. Create a separate counter for desserts.

Sweet Treats

2. Writing Countdown

Everyone is waiting for the big day and the countdown begins. But the exciting thing is when you will make a note of this. Like take a chalkboard and write some beautiful lines for lovers. At the bottom of the board write the countdown of the day, hours and minutes. Change it up frequently. If possible, then change the quotations. You can also construct a cartoon of the bride and groom or stick the pictures of them. It will be funny.

Writing Countdown

3. Personalized Gifts

The bridal shower is for creating a lifetime memory. What else will do the magic other than the personalized gifts? The idea is you can gift her a big card with writing about her or you can frame many kisses of close friends of the bride and gift her, or you can clog her photographs from her childhood to recent times and frame it and so on. There are various ideas are available.

Personalized Gifts

4. Prizes

Organize a competition in between guests and include the bride. Arrange some funny stupid games with prizes. It can be singing, dancing, and truth or dare, cooking, fast eating or telling lies etc. give the prize to the looser and the winner. Give some exciting prizes like lipsticks, mascara, eye shadows etc.


5. Mimosa Bar

The bridal shower is incomplete without mimosa bar. Arrange some colourful beverages, fruit juices and cocktails. The bar is just for enjoyment and satisfies the taste bud. You can tag them with some amusing name and serve it in vintage glasses. This idea will rock if you can include homemade drinks.

Mimosa Bar

6. Bartender

Hire a bartender to make few signature drinks. Mimosa bar with signature drinks will rock your party. Instruct the bartender to add few names and colours in the drinks. He can do some stunts to impress the bride and guests.


7. Photo Booth

Organize a photo booth with few amusing backdrop. Click as many funny photos as you can. It can be retro style or funny style or add your face in the figure of popular actresses and actors. It will make a lifetime memory. Click some funny pictures with various make-up and dress codes. Later frame these funny, memorable pictures in photo frames and albums. Gift it to the bride and groom.

Photo Booth

8. Games

Bridal showers are incomplete without games. There are several gaming ideas are there for the day. The few popular bridal shower games are truth or dare, pin the bottle, passing the pillow and acting on words. You have to make one person as a judge. But never make the bride as a judge. Include her in the game to make her memory.


9. Pinatas

Remember about your kid’s days? How you were enjoying your childhood parties with pinatas? Make some pinatas on the shower day. You can shape it as the lipstick or candy or princess or crown. There are bulks of pinata ideas are there. Make your own pinatas. You can organize a pinata making competition for more fun. At last click some snaps of these pinatas to make an album.


10. What Not to Do

When one girl is going to marry, everyone tells does this and that. The list becomes huge. But to add more fun in this usual ritual or the common scenario just tell her what not to do. You can make it slightly funny with distributing a piece of paper and pen and ask the family, friends and guests write 10 things what shouldn’t do a bride after marriage.

What Not to Do

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