10 Makeup Tips For The American Brides

You love someone and finally it is happening. You know your husband is going to look the most handsome man in his black tuxedo. You are not far behind, your dress is sorted and you have talked to the jewellers. You are just waiting for that moment to walk into the stage and look in the eyes of your loved one and share your vows while promising to be with each other for times infinity.

You want to look the prettiest girl present and look special for your special someone. Just dress and jewellery is not going to be enough to look the manner you want to. You need the perfect make up to suit your perfect body for your perfect match. But you have no idea. You are out of clues and afraid that the makeup might go wrong. Don’t worry.

Follow These Ten Simple Makeup Tips For A Wannabe Bride:


Have you ever noticed your skin looking a little paler in photos sometimes? Some foundations with high spfs can do that due to the presence of an ingredient called ingredient called Titanium Dioxide. This ingredient ‘which is especially high in Dior foundations’ can react to the flash of a camera and pale you out.


Eye Makeup First:

Prep cleans your skin first and follow it with directly going into brows and eyes. This way you can just wipe away any eyeshadow ‘fall out’ using a small cottony brush or a cotton pad by using some remover on without affecting your base. It’s not just easy but also very effective.

Eye makeup first

Primer Under Your Foundation:

A decent brand had to have a primer under its makeup range. A primer helps to smooth out your skin and tone down un-even patches. It can even turn down the redness of skin and make the foundation or makeup you have put last till the hour end.

Primer under your foundation

Eyeshadow Primers:

It’s worth using a separate Eyeshadow primer. To make sure that the makeup don’t budge and the colour stays for longer time, using a separate eyeshadow primer is the best option you have.

Eyeshadow primers

Concealer After Your Foundation:

Concealer before foundation, though practiced by many is not the right option nor the right way for the perfect make up to shape. After doing the skin, use a small blending brush to apply the concealer wherever needed. You can also tap the product in to blend it. This ensures that your coverage lasts for a longer period and looks more professional.

Concealer after your foundation

Don’t Over Powder:

Always stick to natural powders or translucent powders. They can at times dull the skin and look foul. The perfect chance of a prefect photograph can be spoiled if you don’t powder the proper powder and without taking much care and attention.

Don’t Over Powder


Looking pretty and fair is a different thing and looking discoloured is a different thing. You should apply bronzer on your neck, your face and the chest to even out the skin tone. Be really very sure to see that you have even out the colours. Make sure your face is not a different colour than your outer skin.



Instead of looking straight ahead at the mirror and keeping a distance of metres apart, get as close to the mirror as possible and look at yourself carefully. Stick your head up and bring your chin close toward the mirror if that’s what it takes to see that you look in your eyes clearly with your own eyes. Look down as you apply the eye liner and start from the inner corner while also making sure to go out to the fold on the outside of your eye.


Some Final Touch:

Press down hard when you apply lipstick to make sure that it is not too defines at your cupid’s bow (the top of your lip) and that it goes out to the inner corners of your mouth. First smile before applying the blush and then start on the apple of the cheek. Blend the blush back to the end of your ear and then down towards your jawline.

Some final touch

Try Make One Day Prior Wedding:

Just be aware of the camera fact discussed above. You wouldn’t want to see yourself pale in your wedding album. Do trials. You need to try out the makeup a day before and be sure to take a photo with a camera (actual camera, not mobile) to see how it looks.

Try make one day prior wedding

Allow at least an hour for the makeup to patch down and suit your face before walking the steps to your husband. And finally when you are done with your perfect makeup and a beautiful dress, walk down being the prettiest girl and hold the hand of your other half firmly and share your vows.

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