10 Nude Nail Color Options For The Classic Bride

Beautifully manicured nails never fail to drag everyone’s attention. It is especially important for the brides to select a pretty manicured and beautiful nail option that compliments the skin tone, the wedding dress and the entire look of the bride.

Some Beautiful Ideas For Nude Nails For The Happening Brides Are Given Below:

1. Pamella Roland Nail Lacquer In Cassandra

This nail lacquer from Pamella Roland is available for the brides to be at just a price of $12. This nail lacquer gives a sweet look. This shade goes best with any ivory or white wedding dress and perfectly manicured hands. If you are a bride that prefers simple, fresh and peachy texture, this is surely a nude nail option for you.

Pamella Roland Nail Lacquer in Cassandra

2. Estee Lauder Pure Color Polish In Nude

This pretty shade from Estee Lauder comes with $21 and a pale and elegant look. The best thing about the nail lacquer is that it becomes beautifully opaque when several coats are applies. This is a shade that generally matches with each color tone and gives a classy and sophisticated look.

Estee Lauder Pure Color Polish in Nude

3. Dior “Tra La La”

This amazing product from Dior gives a glossy and gel like glow and a polished look. This shade is a pretty option for the brides who love a peachy or pinkish shade. It can go with all the elegant colors of the wedding dresses. This lacquer gives a nicely manicured and groomed look to the brides with any skin tone.

Dior “Tra La La”

4. Dior “Muguet”

This shade beautifully spreads over the nails giving it a perfect manicured look. This shade is the best option for light or nude nail color. This lacquer gives a fading white texture that enhances the beauty of the nails. This shade perfectly blends with the ivory or white color of the wedding dress. If you are a bride looking for a simple yet effective nude color, this is a perfect choice.

Dior “Muguet”

5. Essie “Tuck It In My Tux”

When it comes to beautiful nude shades for brides, Essie offers a best collection worth considering. Essie offers more than 30 softly fading shades for a perfect nude look. One of the finest collection from Essie is the Tuck it in my Tux. It is a beautiful silky and ivory color. It perfectly complements the subtle off white manicure. This nail lacquer gives a faded white effect that looks immensely attractive and gorgeous.

Essie “Tuck it in my Tux”

6. Essie “Angel Food”

A beautiful nude nail color from Essie is the “Angel Food” which comes with a pretty pink undertone. This nail lacquer gives a mild sheer look that will perfectly go with the wedding dress and enhance the look of the wedding ring. This nail lacquer never fails to grab everyone’s attention. So if you want a completely breath taking look for your wedding, this is the best suitable choice for you.

Essie “Angel Food”

7. Chanel “Ballerina”

Ballerina from Chanel is a beautiful and classic pink shade that suits each shade of nail polishes. It comes with an alluring semi sheer texture which gives a gorgeous creamy and opaque look. This lacquer spreads easily and gives a clean sophisticated look. This is an example of simply amazing shade that goes with almost every complexion enhancing the entire look of the bride.

Chanel “Ballerina”

8. Chanel “Secret”

Another lacquer from chanel which is “Secret” is a beautiful warm beige nude along with pink undertone. With a single pink coat, this lacquer comes with a clean and simple look. Also two coats of the nail pain can be applied to get a more clean and elegant look. This nail lacquer gives a beautiful dusky look and gets easily spread over the nails.

Chanel “Secret”

9. O.P.I “My Very First Knockwurst”

O.P.I comes with beautiful shades and glitter just as gems. These are immense luxury products which can never go wrong on any complexion. There are ranges for all the beautiful colors like pink, cream, rose etc. This shade gives a creamy look and a glittery texture. Almost any complexion complements the shade of the nail color.

O.P.I “My Very First Knockwurst”

10. Butter London “Shandy”

The Butter London gives lavishing rich and vibrant colors for nail lacquers. The “Shandy” nail lacquer is a creamy apricot color blends completely well with a summer wedding. The fresh and vibrant color gives a very elegant and feminine look to the bride. One coat of application gives a beautiful blend of various manicures and the pretty nail color. Go with the color that matches your wedding dress perfectly.

Butter London “Shandy”

The above mentioned nude nail options for classic brides are totally exceptional. Make your nails look different and elegant by adding some more creativity along with few accessories.

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