10 Tips For A Flawless Outdoor Wedding

There is something magical and adventurous about getting married in the open air, surrounded by familiar and special spaces such as your childhood backyard, a serene sea-side or a romantic botanical garden. Though all these sites are beautiful and romantic, but require a lot of legwork to make it ready for a celebration as special as your wedding. Here are some great tips that will help you pull off a flawless outdoor wedding that you and your guests will remember for life.

Here Are The 10 Tips For A Flawless Outdoor Wedding:

1. Choose The Best Spot

What comes to your mind when you think of a perfect outdoor wedding for you and your partner – a sandy shore, a rustic vineyard, or a tranquil desert ranch? You can choose any one of them but the most important thing is to consider the negative factors that come with these spots. You need to consider things like whether you guests will be able to reach the place easily? Will it be too windy or noisy? How much it will cost to get the necessities such as portable bathrooms and catering set up in their location? Consider such important points and choose the location that is convenient for both the guests and organizers as well as has the ambience you are looking for.

Choose The Best Spot

2. Have A Backup Plan

When having an outdoor wedding, it is important to remember that you have no control over the weather and it may rain, hail or get bug infestations on your wedding day and there is nothing you can do about that. So in such a scenario, it is necessary to keep a backup location prepared so you can switch to this plan B in case anything unexpected happens.

Have A Backup Plan

3. Let Nature Take The Lead

Since you have chosen to have your wedding outdoors surrounded by natural beauty, let Mother Nature take the lead to guide your towards the right wedding style. Take the naturally occurring hues in consideration and built your wedding palette around it. Also consider the season in which you are having the wedding because the colors and flowers available will depend on that. You can also highlight the main area for the ceremony according to the location such as a clear-top tent for displaying the star-filled sky in the desert or a beautiful arch overlooking the vineyard.

Let Nature Take The Lead

4. Make Sure You Get Permission

Since most of the outdoor spaces are public property, you would need written permission from the concerned authorities to hold the even on their space. Take the help of the venue to apply for permits or the concerned departments in case of city parks.

Make Sure You Get Permission

5. Manage The Guests’ Transportation Needs

If you chose a spot that is a bit off the beaten path and is not easily accessible, make sure that you arrange for vans or buses to shuttle your guests from the hotels to the venue. If this is not possible, make sure to provide correct GPS coordinates and appropriate directions to make sure your guests do not get lost on the way.

Manage The Guests’ Transportation Needs

6. Be A Gracious Host

Though it is your special day but since you have invited others to celebrate with you, you need to ensure they are comfortable as well. For instance, if the weather is too sunny, put up few parasols for people looking for shade and keep ice-cold water at the ready. If it is too cold, keep extra blankets and hand warmers available for people as well as something to keep them hot like hot toddy or hot cocoa. Also make sure to arrange high-end portapotties for the guests if bathrooms are not available on site.

Be a Gracious Host

7. Inform The Attire In Advance

You need to inform the guests about the right attire for your outdoor wedding so that they come prepared and don’t end up ruining their day. For example, if you are having your wedding on the sand or grass, let the guests know to wear appropriate shoes. Even for the bridal party, make sure to keep the weather and locale as important factors while deciding their attire.

Inform The Attire In Advance

8. Setup The Venue To Get Good Pictures

When having your ceremony outdoors, it is important to consider the position of the sun in order to get good photographs. Also, make sure you have the ceremony in a location that your guests can witness the vows without the need to squint or shade their eyes.

Setup The Venue To Get Good Pictures

9. Turn Up The Volume

It is true that the sound of crashing waves is peaceful on any other day, but you don’t want people to strain when they are trying to hear your vows. So think ahead and get lapel mics so your guests don’t miss out on the ceremony. Also make sure to check the sound equipment of the DJ or band so that there are no accidents during the party.

Turn Up The Volume

10. Please The Guests With Wonderful Food

Make sure to hire a caterer who has prior experience in serving guests for outdoor weddings. Choose the menu depending on the setting, season and possibility of cooking at venue, whether the guests would prefer some light bites or a heavy meal. Also talk to the baker and choose a cake that would work for the outdoor setting.

Please The Guests With Wonderful Food

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