10 Trendy Nail Art Designs For Your Wedding

All girls dream about their perfect wedding day with the man of their dreams. We want all aspects of the day to be absolutely perfect from the jewelry, the dress to the venue, food and everything else. But many of us forget to pay any attention to the nail. But the truth is that your nails can make or break your entire look. When you are dolled up from head to toe on the special day, why ignore your nails which can actually beautify your hands. Pick any of these simple to do nail art designs for your wedding day and give your husband a surprise when he slips on the ring on your finger.

Here Are Some Great Ideas For Wedding Nail Art:

1. French Manicure With Golden Glitter

The usual French manicure with white tips can be beautifully transformed into something glamorous for your wedding just by making few changes. Apply 2 coats of a light pink shiny polish as the base on your nails and top it up with a glitter polish of your living. Light gold, silver and even dull glitter will looks spectacular with your white dress and even complement your ring. It would also be a good idea to use a matte base to balance out the nails with a shimmery topper.

French Manicure With Golden Glitter

2. Unconventional French Manicures

Simple block colors with a white sweep on top has become quite boring, especially for your wedding day. You can make your fingers look classy, poised and a lot longer by twisting your French manicure sideways. Also jazz up the manicure by adding dots or spots in multiple colors instead of just a single streak of color.

Unconventional French Manicures

3. Pastels And Color Blocks

Want to add some quirks to your look, then introduce an abrupt pop of pastel on the nails. Apply a coat of light blue and top it with a nude or pastel pink to emphasize both the colors. The best thing about this base is that you can embellish it with matte top coat, floral prints or pretty much whatever you want for a classy look. You can also make your pedicure with your manicure by using the same base.

Pastels and Color Blocks

4. Lace On Nails

This trend has recently been gaining a lot of popularity in the recent years. With this manicure, you can replicate the look of lace on the nails to match your wedding dress. Even if you don’t have lace on the dress, you can place it on your nails to add some texture to the entire look. This is quite simple to do as all you need to do is place a small piece of lace on the nail and top it with clear polish to seal everything in place.

Lace on Nails

5. Nail Jewelry

Your wedding is one occasion where you can afford to go out all with your look. There are a variety of nail jewelries available these days that will accentuate your manicure as well as compliment your ring and dress. So embellish your fingers with a touch of cool and elegant nail jewelry.

Nail Jewelry

6. Customized Wedding Nails

There are plethora of ways in which you can truly personalize your nails to make them apt for the most special day of your life. You can write down the name of your fiancé using fancy calligraphy or draw a tiara, bow or a bride and groom. Another great idea for wedding nails is to write ‘I do’ on your ring finger and your to-be-husband can see if when he is slipping the ring on the finger.

Customized Wedding Nails

7. Sweetheart Nails

This is another great idea for wedding nail art as drawing beautiful hearts on the nails symbolizes the love between the couple and look really beautiful on the wedding day. Use colors to compliment your wedding theme and your nails will look gorgeous.

Sweetheart Nails

8. Contemporary Caviar

If you are looking for something a little edgier for your wedding nail art, contemporary caviar is the way to go. They match quite stunningly with sequin dresses and are quite easy to do. Apply base coat to your nails and follow with a coat of the same color as the caviar beads. Before the color dried completely, sprinkle caviar beads on top of the nails to cover the entire nail and press gently to ensure they stick well. Top with quick drying top coat to seal everything in place.

Contemporary Caviar

9. Tuxedo Nail Design

Tuxedo nail art is perfect for the wedding and a great way to symbolize the love you have for your husband-to-be. Start by painting your nails white and once dry, make two triangles on both sides of the nail in black, making sure that a triangular part in left behind in the center in white. Using a small dotting tool, make two dots on the bottom of the white triangle and two triangles to make a bow tie. Follow with top coat.

Tuxedo Nail Design

10. Something Blue Manicure

If you still haven’t picked your ‘something blue’ for the wedding, why not keep it simple and make your nail your ‘something blue’ for a lovely twist. Color all your nails accept the ring finger in your favorite pastel blue shade. Make your ring finger nail the accent nail by painting it with clear nail polish and making simple white flowers on it using your dotting tool. This design is quite simple yet looks extremely classy and elegant.

Something Blue Manicure

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