10 Unique Wedding Boutonnieres For A Stylish Groom

Unique Wedding Boutonnieres For A Stylish Groom

Weddings are full of traditions and rituals and one among them is a boutonniere, which is worn by the groom as well as his men on the lapel (left) of their tuxedo jacket or suit. Generally, a boutonniere is just a bundle of small blooms tied to together. Although floral boutonnieres are beautiful, those are common and typical.

Some of the modern boutonnieres are quite unique and don’t include any flowers at all. To make a difference and look matchless, why not wear such unconventional boutonnieres? Cool idea right! You can please your bride now with a fresh and different boutonniere. Here are some wonderful ideas, which would be a fun alternative to the traditional ones. Have a look to get inspired.

Below Are The Unique Wedding Boutonnieres:

1. Nautical Boutonniere

If you have planned for a beach wedding then accessories that would go with the theme would look perfect. Traditional navy striped boutonniere would be perfect but to make a long lasting impression even with the smallest detail and add some fun to your look, why not go for a compass boutonniere or a knotted one with jute twine. A starfish boutonniere or something with shells would be appealing too.


Nautical Boutonniere

2. Bohemian Groom

A boho themed wedding is casual, fanciful and so much fun. Most of the time, it is the boho bride, who grabs all the attention with her whimsical looks but this time, you, the groom, make heads turn when you head towards the altar with your completely boho attire. Pay attention to details, for example, a boutonniere with feathers, dry flowers and burlap would look very much hippie.

Bohemian Groom

3. Button Boutonniere

It is you special day so all things you are going to wear should look unique and beautiful, so should be your boutonniere. Get creative and think out of box to make something that is only one of its kind just like this button boutonniere. It is quirky and extraordinary.

Button Boutonniere

4. Contemporary

If you are planning for a contemporary look on your wedding day, then keep the details simple and neat. For modern boutonniere ideas, succulents make a great option if you want to go traditional. Dried flower boutonniere, bellflower, wooden label pins are a few other options that make a good fit a for modern wedding.


5. Wacky Boutonniere

When you want to add some fun to your formal wedding attire, go for accessories and details that are wacky. It will be fun and indeed will become the item of discussion among your guests during and after your wedding. Offbeat boutonnieres such as a pinwheel, vintage toy, iphone, mini guitar, key, keyhole, etc will look great.

Wacky Boutonniere

6. Superhero Boutonniere

For sure, all men will be for this fabulous idea. Ask the groomsmen to pick the figurine of their favorite superhero to be worn proudly on their suit. This is a perfect idea for couples who are comic book fans or jokester couples.

Superhero Boutonniere

7. Feathers

The versatile feather boutonniere will be an ideal choice, if you a planning for a glamorous or vintage themed wedding. Today, you get a wide variety of synthetic feathers in different sizes and colors. You can also go for peacock feathers to add a pop of eye-pleasing colors without going overboard. As it has its own pattern, a peacock feather doesn’t need to be paired with anything else.


8. Crocheted Flowers

Crocheted boutonniere is a great choice for rusting weddings. Show off the good old fashion on the big day that imitates one of the grandma’s crocheted pieces. You can go your favorite colors or choose one that goes well with the color scheme of your wedding.

Crocheted Flowers

9. Succulents

If you are planning for an eco-savvy wedding theme then a succulent boutonniere is just perfect. The succulent buds are quite tough and can withstand your boisterous moves on dance floor or endure the hugs that you are sure to get on that day.


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