10 Updos For Brides With Short Hair

If there is one decision in their life which women never harbor regrets about, it has to be their chic hair style. Yes, in spite of what society tries to manipulate us into believing, a bouncy bob has never given us worries about maintaining or pampering it whilst we are juggling a hectic schedule. However now that your wedding date has been finalized, are you feeling the jitters while staring at a gallery of brides with their towering braids and buns? Fret not, here are 10 classic bridal bobs to rock your hair on the D-day! Still not convinced? Then do have a look at how celebs like Julianne Hough, Fearne Cotton, Marion Cotillard and January Jones have modeled their bobs on these styles.

Here Are The 10 Updos For Brides With Short Hair:

1) Fringe Cuts

A side sweep fringe cut can go a long way in accentuating a wide forehead while endowing your face with its fierce jawline cut . You can later work on hair treatments like adding volume to your bob or accessorizing it with jewellery or flowers. Or you can comb your hair to a side, go for a middle parting, an untamed tousle or clip them back altogether! With each style that plays with your fringe, your looks can considerably vary.

Fringe cuts

2) Curly Quiff

Essentially a popular men’s hair-style, women have also started warming up to it for it exudes a bold and a no-nonsense statement! The first lady of US, Michelle Obama knows how to carry it well. A bride with this hairstyle would be beauty personified if she opts to have the hair tied in a tight bun at the back with the curls of her hair making a perfect sea wave roll in the front.

Curly Quiff

3) Satin Bands And Shrouds

A satin white Alice hair band worn on your bob gives the sweet little final touch to your short hair. You can also go for simpler versions like a single strand pearl head band. It is an undisputed fact that wedding head bands are a spectacular accessory for short hair than long ones. A netted shroud on your face gives your fans an inspirational angelic look which they can take notes on!

Satin bands and shrouds

4) Flower Crowns

This could be your best one man army when it comes to styling your short hair. While wildflowers are a popular option, do look out for seasonal flowers as well. Spring season can welcome your hairdo with a wreath of white flowers, summers can scream bold with dashing red flowers and winters can be about acorns and green leaves!

Flower crowns

5) Partial Braids

Do not get us wrong for it is possible to braid your short hair too. Just that in this, only a part of the hair would be braided to the extreme sides of your head. Pinning a flower at the point where both these braids meet is yet another fantastic idea on styling your hair. There are other variations to these braided bobs as well like the half bun braid that you can experiment on. In case you want the cynosure of eyes to fall upon your long earrings and your face, then opt for a backcombed updo.

Partial braids

6) A Retro Futuristic Style

First of all what in the world could the word retrofuturism possibly mean? Retrofutrism is a creative arts movement that recreates a setting from the past with a particular modern technology. Now apply the same to your mane and you can possibly understand how this hairdo would be a wedding bliss! A hair-style well suited for straight hair, it perfectly sculpts your tresses sleek with a cheeky curl towards the end!

A  Retro Futuristic style

7) Va-va Voom

With a name as simple as a baby’s babble, the glamorous va-va voom hairstyle was a vogue in the 60s. A beehive of tresses conditioned to its roots with bobby pins to support your hairdo, this vintage look would turn your wedding to a red-carpet wonder.

Va-va voom

8) The Asymmetrical Chop

Look like a cute pixie in your white number with the asymmetrical chop! With one parting of your hair longer and blunter than the other, this haircut can do wonders in exuding appeal. And the finest epitome of an asymmetrical chop would be hands down won by Rihanna. With flicks, your hairdo will permeate a sense of windswept carelessness that is irresistible. For a better result, you could dye your hair to wonders!

The asymmetrical chop

9) Glitzy Curls

Get ready to curl your bob into a pattern of wavy curves that give a glitzy look to your mane. This is the sanctuary of a hairstyle adopted by our Disney princesses that we have grown up watching. Team this up with a flowing veil and you are all set for your fairy-tale wedding.

Glitzy curls

10) Bouffant

Blowdry your hair into this romantic wonder. This updo would certainly add adequate volume for you bun to become noticeable. With bobby pins secured all over, you can make the romantic bouffant blowout look elegantly real.


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