10 Vintage Groom Attire For The Perfect Themed Wedding

The themed weddings are awesome and the vintage theme is one of the widely followed themes in weddings. It is such an inspirational and cool theme which can make grooms dress in a perfect way! The vintage themed groom’s dresses would consist of different dresses, shades, styles which would rock the wedding! For an iconic look and to mesmerize your bride, you must plan for a cool themed dress which would add fun and excitement in your wedding! The vintage groom attires are simply flavored with different shades and some lavish patterns which you must try! If you have your wedding coming up and want some awesome vintage inspired dresses, here are the choicest ones!

1. Classy Vintage Brown Suit

The brown suit definitely reflects the vintage era where men use to love this shade and complemented it with different shades to rock the look! This classic vintage style suit with a perfect brown blazer, white inner short and brown pants would make your theme more exciting and adorable. Add an accessory and make your look iconic!

2. Classic Bow Tie Look With Gray Suit

Gray is one of the finest and loved shades for men. This is also an inspiration from the vintage era which would inspire grooms and would also look picture perfect! This amazing wedding suit with a lavish white shirt, perfect navy blue pants, amazing bow tie and a retro look is lavishing! Ty this and grace up your wedding theme perfectly!

Classic Bow Tie Look With Gray Suit

3. Vintage Style Hipster Groom Dressing

The class hat, amazing suspenders and this amazing look would make your vintage style groom theme more rocking! This dressing surely reminds us of the classic eras where the grooms used to wear the grey – white combination along with some mix and match accessories. Pair your outfit with suspender belts, bow tie, perfect pants and look adorable!

Vintage Style Hipster Groom Dressing

4. Extraordinary Vintage Style Groom Dress

If you love the classic era where grooms used t experiment with some unique and creative outfits, here is another marvel which you can try for your themed wedding and look picture perfect. Brighten up our vintage look with a classy pair of pants and suit with a dark vest, interesting and eye catchy bow tie! Air it up with a flawless hat and your look is complete!

5. Classic Navy Blue Suit With Hat!

We love this enviable and classic look which you can relive with this amazing dress. If you love bright and awesome colors, here is a classic style dress which you must try. Carry white short and accompany it with navy blue pants and suit! Add a stunning navy blue hat and enrich your look as never before!

6. Cool Vintage Inspired Outfit For Groom

If you want to go completely vintage style, here is an amazing dress which you must try! This would remind you of the 90’s and make you look picture perfect on your themed wedding. This amazing shirt, grey vest and boxed pants with a similar hat would make your look more flawless! This is one of the classiest wedding looks of this season you must try for your themed wedding!

Cool Vintage Inspired Outfit For Groom

7. Simple Black Suit And Pants

If you don’t want to go with more stylish and different vintage looks, go with this awesome pair of attires which you must try. This amazing wedding dress with a cool white shirt and amazing black blazer-pants would look ravishing! Place a cool accessory and pull off your awesome vintage style simple groom dress with this cool look!

Simple Black Suit And Pants

8. Awesome Granite Style Wedding Dress With Tie!

If you don’t like simple shaded dresses and love to experiment with textured pants and suits, here is a dark grey granite textured suit which would make you look perfectly handsome and wedding ready! The cool suit with a vest and white short complements the bright nag blue them and adds more glory in the vintage wedding look! Try this and look flattering!

Awesome Granite Style Wedding Dress With Tie

9. White Wedding Dress With A Soothing Vintage Look

The vintage look is not only about the dark and bright shades but also it would look flattering in the bright and light shades. The light shade of white would give you a supreme and flawless look and the light blue short is a perfect add on! Also add a cool light blue ties and enhance your look as never before!

White Wedding Dress With A Soothing Vintage Look

10. Amazing Vintage Dress With A Cool Boutonniere

The classic and cool boutonnieres look perfect on the groom dresses. This is one of the perfect looks which you can try for your vintage themes wedding. The perfect light blue shirt with amazing suspenders and bright pants would look flattering!

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