10 Wedding Essentials That A Bride Should Not Miss On Her D-Day

Are you a bride-to-be excitedly waiting for your D-day? Are you worried about the wedding day blues, such as your bridal hairstyle turning messy by the winds or red wine spilling on your wedding gown? If you nodded along worriedly, worry no more! So, let’s have a look at a list of wedding essentials that will help you beat the D-day blues without any hassles.

Find Ten Wedding Essentials That Every Bride Should Carry On Her Wedding Day:

1. Make-Up Kit

Concerned about lipstick smudges or mascara running down the face? Carry a small make-up kit along with you to the wedding venue to fix your makeup in no time, if need be. Make sure you have a clear powder in your kit, as it’s an all-time quick solution to get rid of oil and shine on your face before your wedding photo session.

Make-Up kit

2. Deodorant

Even if you apply deodorant before heading to your wedding venue, carry it along with you. Wearing heavy wedding gown, moving around among hundreds of guests, dancing at the tunes of music, and all celebrations that you would be enjoying throughout the day are bound to make you sweat. Having a deodorant handy will make you feel pleasant.


3. Nail Polish

No bride-to-be would like to have chipped nails when she is about to click a bunch of photos involving her hands. Having your desired wedding nail paint close by can save you just in case something goes wrong with your nails on the D-day.

Nail polish

4. Bobby Pins

At times, neatly sprayed hairspray can’t keep your meticulously styled hair from getting loose. Having some bobby pins with you can help you keep your bridal hairstyle intact with just a few touch-ups. You can also carry safety pins to fix up your dress dilemmas, if need be.

Bobby pins

5. Flip Flops

Walking around in high heels all the day is no fun, and your feet may feel discomfort. Carry a pair of comfortable flip flops or flat shoes to wear whenever you can. You will feel relaxed in flip-flops, particularly when you are exhausted at the end of the ceremony.

Flip flops

6. Mini Sewing Kit

Having mini sewing kit close by can prove a boon to fix any bridal gown malfunction in case of emergency. Make sure your kit contains needles, threads, scissors, extra buttons, and pins. Stitch up any part of your outfit with the help of needles and threads. Snip the strands from your bridal gown by using scissors. Tackle any wedding dress emergency with a well-equipped sewing kit.

Mini sewing kit

7. Hairspray And Makeup Setting Spray

Keeping hairspray handy can help you keep your beautiful bridal hairstyle intact. Make sure you spray your hair by holding the hairspray at the right distance to prevent your hair turning dry and full of white flakes. Also, you can have a make-up setting spray to keep your exquisite make-up organized throughout the D -day.

Hairspray and makeup setting spray

8. White Chalk

While chalk is a quick, sneaky solution to hide smears or smudges on your white bridal dress that you might notice at the last minute. If you stain your white wedding outfit anytime at the ceremony, then using some white chalk can disguise the stains and help you look flawless.

White chalk

9. Eye Drops

You might get emotional on your D-day resulting in tears flowing down your cheeks. In such circumstances, having eye drops handy can prevent you from having dry eyes. If you use contacts regularly, make it a point to carry an extra pair of contact lens along with you.

Eye drops

10. Breath Mints

You would be talking and hugging to hundreds of guests attending your wedding, and you certainly don’t want to have the miserable feel of bad breath. Keep breath mints close by to ensure you have fresh breath throughout the day.

Breath mints

Did you use any of these ten wedding essentials on your wedding day? Which accessories did you find helpful to look flawless and comfortable? Share your experience with other brides-to-be. Leave a comment below.

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