11 Amazing Props To Use For Wedding Pictures

Photographs are one of those few things which say a lot of things. They reflect sadness, happiness, tension etc. Marriage is one of those few occasions which are filled with various emotions. If all these emotions are captured well, they definitely help in boosting the quality of your wedding album and most importantly, they are great memories. Most of us like to get pictures clicked. These days’ photo corners are a great attraction in every wedding. It is a corner at the wedding venue dedicated for pictures. Various colourful, bright, exciting and funny props are used to make the pictures entertaining and appealing. These corners are the main attraction in any wedding venue. To make these corners lively and fun filled, there are some props which you shall definitely have in the corner.

Some Of The Props Have Been Listed Below:

1. Caps

Various colours and shapes of caps which are interesting are available. Some of these have catchy one liners and phrases. You shall make a special effort in picking the best of these caps which suit your friends and family. Paper cut outs of caps are also available.


2. Lips

Paper cut out of lips are available as props. These lips make pictures clicked look really cool and nice. In fact a picture starts looking totally different by using the prop. This even adds to a lot of fun factor.


3. Moustache

A moustache prop is the one which is a little different from the real moustache of people. It is longer in length and curled in the end. It can be used to give a stern or royal look or an absolutely carefree look.


4. Enlarged Glasses

Enlarged glasses are the latest rage while getting pictures clicked these days. Numerous styles, varieties and colours are available in them. They also have messages or words written. Choose the best among the lot for your photo corner. These are a must have in your corner and will be a favourite of many.

Enlarged glasses

5. Umbrella

Umbrellas can be used as a great prop for clicking various kinds of shots ranging from candid to fun or romantic to crazy. Try to keep a simple and a vibrant or funky umbrella in the photo corner. People can choose according to the poses and moods.


6. Cycle

A cycle is one of the best vehicles to place in the photo corner. It is easily available and not much effort will be needed to pose on them. A couple can sit on the cycle or group can stand around it. Various other props can be utilized well with this prop. You can also decorate the cycle a little for the shoot.


7. Teams

A board defining the team bride and team groom is a must. A group picture with the bride and groom with their respective groups along with the board is a must. Both the teams can also be bought together for a fun shot.


8. Frames

A nice simple frame can be made in the photo corner. Guests can come and stand in the frame and get clicked. The frame can be kept simple or can also be decorated. This is bound to enhance the look of the venue.


9. Messages

Boards and message cards can be used as props in the photo corner. You shall try to have fun message rather the serious or boring ones. They shall be something which is great memories which bring a smile year later too. Make the messages interesting, eye catching and funny rather than serious, emotional and sad.


10. Wigs

A number of styles of wigs are available in the market. You shall try to have some fun loving, coloured wigs for the photo corner of your wedding. The wigs can be ranging from short hair wigs to long ones with or without fringes and streaks. Once these have been put on by your friends and relatives, these will change their look entirely. You will have some unrecognizable pictures in your wedding album.


11. Balloons

Keep a couple of balloons with sweet messages and which are personalized for the photo corner. These will add to the celebratory feel and the fun factor atmosphere. Balloons are a must for any occasion which involves celebration, fun and rejoicing. They have properties and qualities of setting a right mood for happiness, celebrations and fun.
These are a few props which a person shall definitely try and have for the wedding photo corner. You shall always get great pictures clicked for your wedding as they provide great memories and totally unforgettable ones too. You shall have a fun and enjoyable time at the photo corner.


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