11 Bridal Shower Theme Ideas

Weddings are one of the few occasions which are looked forward by all your closed ones. Friends and family all come together to celebrate and rejoice. One of the things which are common between friends and family is to take care of the bride and make her feel very special. The going to be bride is pampered and all love and affection is bestowed upon her. As the marriage festivities are about to begin there are a lot of things in the mind of the friends and relatives of the bride. One such special party is the bridal shower party. This is a party especially for the bride. Usually, the friends of the bride come together and do something special for the bride. It is a special party for the bride which should ideally be preceded by a formal invitation to the bride by her friends. It is always a great idea to have a theme for the shower. There are a number of theme from which you can choose, the same have been mentioned and discussed below.

Here Are The Eleven Bridal Shower Theme Ideas:

1. All pink

An all pink theme is a great option. It is the most girly theme which one can opt for. Keep it simple and if you do not want to keep it too loud opt for the light shade of the colour. You shall use balloons with a nice combination and make sure you all dress accordingly. The cake, cutlery and decor can all be done accordingly. It is a cute theme which most definitely is one of the best for a bridal shower.

All pink

2. Red

Red colour is full of life and is a vibrant colour which enhances the look of the entire place. Red decor, drinks, cutlery, dresses can be used to give a feel of the theme.


3. Floral

Floral concept is one of the best concepts and is very much in fashion. They are a great combination of elegance and beauty. Flowers can be used to give a real feel of the theme. The bridal shower cake can also be done in the same shape.


4. Memory Lane

Memories are one of the most vital and crucial ingredients of a person’s life. As the bride to be is about to enter a new phase in her life you shall make sure that she takes sweet memories ahead with her. All of her friends can dress up similar to the past or something with which you have great memories. Pictures can be used to decorate the venue for the shower. This will be a sweet yet a very nostalgic shower.

Memory lane

5. Balloons

Balloons are the best way to describe happiness. You can decorate the entire venue with balloons and place them accordingly. The cake can also have balloon icings on the top. In fact, a nice theme always needs to have good dresses. So , all the friends of the bride can have similar balloon print shirts personalized for themselves and the bride.


6. Candies

Candies are the sweetest theme for a bridal shower. It will be a perfect start to the wedding celebrations. Various candies can be displayed and used for decoration. A cake with lots of candies can be ordered. In fact you can have live candy counters for candy floss also.


7. M & M’s Theme

If the bride to be is a M& M lover, then this is the perfect theme for her. Use various colours of M& M’s to decorate the same and you can also use the packets of the candy for decoration purpose. Polka dot clothed can be worn by all for the theme as the M& M’s are small and round. Interesting and personalized balloons for the same can be used.

M & M’s theme

8. Spa Theme

Wedding along with fun brings in a lot of stress. It is important for everyone to relax a bit. so, you can have a spa theme bridal shower. Some professionals can be called in and the venue chosen can be a peaceful one. All of you can just relax a bit before the big day and this will be a great surprise for your friend.

Spa theme

9. Beauty Shower

As the wedding date comes closer, beauty becomes a great concern for the bride. She us unable to take time off and beauty treatments become difficult. You can have a stress free beauty shower. Professionals from the background can be called in for various services like manicure, pedicure, cleaning etc. Your friend will just love this pampering theme. Make sure that she is provided a luxurious treatment in this beauty shower.

Beauty shower

10. Destination Shower

A destination shower is one of the showers which are looked forward by every girl. It is planned outside the city or place you are staying in. The entire girl gang travels to a different place or country for a few days to have fun and enjoy the last few bachelorette days of the bride to be. The shower can be planned accordingly and the events of the days can be planned out. It is a great way to celebrate an upcoming wedding.

Destination shower

11. All White

White is a soothing colour. An all-white theme looks just perfect. The dresses worn by all of the girls can be white. You can either opt for white dresses or a plain white shirt or team it up with jeans, shorts or skirts. This can be complemented well with the décor and other arrangements done by you in the same colour shades. This theme looks best if you want to have a bridal shower for brunch or tea. This will be extremely eye catching and eye soothing shower.

All White

These are a few themes for a bridal shower. There are a few more things that you shall keep in mind while planning a bridal shower. You shall make sure that your invitation for the bride to be shall be well matched with the theme. The bride shall get a very clear hint of how she shall turn up for the shower and what she should be wearing. You can have games, music and dance to make it more entertaining and interesting. Make sure all your friends participate. Make it a memorable and fun filled time for the bride to be.

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