11 Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses Designs That Will Make You Look Charming And Beautiful

Most brides prefer a dress that has short sleeves or no sleeves at all. If you are ready for a different look, try long sleeved dresses. They are not as conservative as they are made to be and give off a very elegant look. Long sleeves are suitable for those getting married in autumn or winter. Here is a look at some splendid long sleeve wedding dress designs from which you can select something suitable for your needs.

Below Are The 11 Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses Designs :

1. Transparent Lace Sleeves

Illusion lace sleeves are fabulous because they give such an elegant look to the dress. You can opt for the lace to go across the neck and shoulders as well, giving a sophisticated touch to the design.

Transparent Lace Sleeves

2. Thin Fabric Sleeves

You can opt for sleeves made from thin fabric as it will give a very natural look to the dress. Opt for chiffon or georgette fabric as it will lend a lovely touch to the dress, making it appealing and also very feminine.

Thin Fabric Sleeves

3. Glittery Sleeves

Sleeves with gold embroidery or stonework  will give a very dramatic and stunning look to the dress. The golden embellishments don’t have to be just on the sleeves alone, they can cover the bodice of the dress and back, giving a very sensual and lovely look to the wedding dress.

Glittery Sleeves

4. Bell Sleeves

Bell shaped sleeves that stretches to the wrists have such a romantic look. Instead of using fabric on the sleeves, opt for thick lace or lace embellished with pearls or stones, as the effect will be very ethereal and make the bride look very elegant.

Bell Sleeves

5. Thick Lace Sleeves

These sleeves can enhance the look of the dress with their stunning design. The more intricate the lace designs the better the look. Since the lace is thick, the sleeves should be three- fourths the length of the hand or stop just a bit after the elbow.

Thick Lace Sleeves

6. Off Shoulder Long Sleeves

The best material for this design is satin else lace as it will give a ethereal look. Since the material starts from off the shoulder and goes up to the wrist, the resulting look is chic and stylish.

Off Shoulder Long Sleeves

7. Puff Sleeves

Sleeves with a slight puff give a majestic look to the wedding dress. They should extend all the way up to the wrists and must be made from chiffon material in order to blend with the dress and the puff design.

Puff Sleeves

8. Flattering Puff Sleeves

These are beautiful long sleeves with a big puff all the way down to the wrist, but with a slit on the side. They give a very romantic and vintage look to the dress.  The sleeves can be enhanced with stone and pearl embellishments.

Flattering Puff Sleeves

9. Single Shoulder Long Sleeve

This one has a very unique look because there is a sleeve only on one side of the dress. The sleeve can be made from material like satin or chiffon. However, if you want a soft romantic look, opt for one made from lace, the thinner and subtler the lace work the better the effect.

Single Shoulder Long Sleeve

10. Long Sleeves Jacket

Here the sleeves are not part of the dress but the jacket. The entire jacket is made from lace or satin and embellished with pearls or stones. It can also be embellished with heavy embroidery for a traditional look.

Long Sleeves Jacket

11. Long Sleeves With Cuffs

Most long sleeves just end at the wrist. However to give the dress a more ethereal look have the sleeves made from thin chiffon or georgette and end it with thick, puffed cuffs. This design will transform the look of a simple wedding dress into a elegant and chic piece.

Long Sleeves With Cuffs

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