11 Stunning Clutches That A Bride Can Carry

Wedding is a big day in a girl’s life. The day is not only important for the couple getting married but also their friends and family. All the near and dear ones make sure that it is a memorable day for the couple and everything happens smoothly. As a bride the main concern of the bride is to look the best. She wants to look spectacular. She makes sure that her wedding attire is prepared well in advance and the trials are done accordingly as well. The accessories, shoes, make up and various other things are also coordinated and arranged well in advance so that there is no confusion and mess on the main day. One of the latest trends for the brides is carrying clutches with their bridal look. The clutches are usually customized or bought so that they go well with the bridal attire. Carrying clutches is a great idea as you break away from the traditional look and try something which is new and innovative. Many brides have started giving the bouquets a ditch and have started carrying clutches. These are new and smart ways of using trendy and stylish accessories for your wedding look. Some of the accessories which brides can carry with their beautiful wedding attire have been mentioned below.

Here Are The 11 Stunning Clutches That A Bride Can Carry:

1. Pearl Clutch

Pearls are one of the most beautiful and elegant looking gems which are available. Pearls are available in various sizes ranging from very small pearls to quite large ones. You can choose a clutch with pearls which you feel is the most useful and attractive. It shall not look mismatched with your wedding dress. The best is to choose small pearl clutch or the medium pearl clutch as they do not look too much and go well with a number of outfits. If you do not want to opt for an entire pearl studded clutch, then you can easily opt for clutches which have random designs from pearls.

Pearl clutch

2. Black Clutch

A black clutch is an evergreen clutch and goes well with practically all outfits. It is the safest clutch that a bride can carry on her wedding day. There are a number of designs and styles of a black clutch which are available and you can choose the size and style according to your choice and comfort. These clutches always look smart and nice. You can always make a statement with these evergreen clutches.

Black clutch

3. Bow Clutch

Bows are one of the sweetest accessories which you can add to a bride’s appearance on her wedding day. A bow clutch is always nice to look at. It adds to the cuteness quotient of a bride. It is best to carry a cream colour bow clutch or something of a lighter shade. If a bride feels that the colours are too monotonous then she can carry a darker shade of the same.

Bow clutch

4. Sequins Clutch

Sequins add to the bling factor. Sequins are the best way to catch the attention of onlookers. A bride can always carry a smart clutch with sequins to add to the spark in her look. Sequins look attractive and definitely appeal to the onlookers. It is the best way to increase the glamour quotient of a bride.

Sequins clutch

5. Box Style Clutch

These are one of the clutches which are very much in fashion these days. The box clutches have a class and style statement of their won class. A bride who is bold and willing to take some risk on her big day shall definitely try the box clutch. A number of prints and looks are available in these clutches. A bride shall opt for the one which she feels looks the best on her and her wedding attire.

Box style clutch

6. Lock And Key Clutch

A lock and key clutch is the most different and the stylish clutches that a bride can carry. in the shape of a lock it is one of the most appealing, attractive nay eye catching clutches which a bride can carry on her big day. It is definitely going to grab a lot of eye balls and make heads turn.

Lock and key clutch

7. Floral Clutch

The floral look and print is the one which is very much in fashion right now. Everyone possesses something in the floral print these days. It is elegant and charming print and clutches in that particular print look extremely stylish. There are a number of options in the floral prints from which a bride and choose. If you do not want to opt for a floral print then you can opt for  a few artificial flowers on the clutch.

Floral clutch

8. Bride Clutch

This clutch is especially for the bride and is customized to make it that way. The word bride is clearly mentioned on the clutch. It is a special clutch which will definitely make the bride feel special and will not require her introduction to many.

Bride clutch

9. Stone Clutch

A stone studded clutch is one of the most glamorous and interesting clutches. It is available in various styles and looks and you can carry the one which appeals you and catches you eye. if your wedding attire is too simple then this is the best one for you.

Stone clutch

10. Just Married Clutch

It is a perfect clutch for the bride. A ‘just married’ clutch is a personalized clutch for a bride and defines the status which she has immediately acquired. This will definitely be one of the best trends that a bride will be setting on her wedding day.

Just married clutch

11. Mr. And Mrs. Clutch

Any couple looking for some fun factor on their wedding day shall definitely make sure to carry this clutch. It is not only one of the sweetest clutches but also adds a lot of fun factor to the entire event. In fact, it is the bride who shall be willing to carry this amazing clutch on her big day.

Mr. and Mrs. ClutchThese are some of the amazing clutches which a bride can definitely carry on her wedding day. By carrying a clutch on your wedding day, you are not only breaking away from the traditional look but also setting an example for many brides to be. Make sure you are confident and the stylish and fashionable look shall follow.

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