11 Ultimate Bridal Veil Style

Veils designs come in many styles ranging from chic to regal. The veil style you select must blend with the wedding dress design and suit your face. Here is a look at some popular veil styles from which you can select something suitable.

Below Are The 11 Ultimate Bridal Veil Style:

1. Ribbon Edge Veil With Single Tier

This one is really simple with its single tier and ribbon edge. It can come with or without embellishments, depending on what kind of a look you want. If you want a more elegant look, the ribbon should be broader and there should be some pearl or gold embellishments on the veil.

Ribbon Edge Veil With Single Tier

2. Single Tier Wedding Lace With Heavy Lace

Lace has always held a place of importance in bridal dress, be it the dress or the veil. It can be used to embellish the gown as well as the veil in so many ways. When applied to the veil, it transforms its look and gives a very fashionable and enriching look to it.

Single Tier Wedding Lace With Heavy Lace

3. Flyaway Veils

This veil style gives a very fun and flirty look to the dress. It is best for those who seek a causal look. It can be simple or embellished with rhinestones, pearls and is perfect for outdoor and informal weddings.

Flyaway Veils

4. Mantilla Wedding Veil

If you want a traditional and romantic wedding veil this is the one to opt. This type of veil is made from exquisite material and usually has intricate lace patterns which give it a very distinct and lovely look. It is available in varying range of thickness and shapes.

Mantilla Wedding Veil

5. Birdcage Wedding Veil

This veil style is suitable for those seeking a short veil. It is worn just covering the eyes and comes up to the chin. This no hassle veil is made from netting material which gives it a distinct but stylish appearance. It can be plain or embellished with pearls and rhinestones.

Birdcage Wedding Veil

6. Three-Tier Wedding Veil

This is three veils combined together and it has a very dramatic look. It can be embellished with gold stones, rhine stone or pearls. This veil style is for those who seek a traditional or elaborately styled veil.

Three-Tier Wedding Veil

7. Blusher Veil

This one just covers the face and is hassle free. Since it is a simple, single fabric coming up to the chin, you can enjoy walking down the aisle without worrying about how the veil looks. It’s practical and combines modernity with traditional look. It is usually 30 inches in length and stops at the top of the dress.

Blusher Veil

8. Juliet Cap

This veil became popular during the 1920s and if you want to enjoy a traditional look, this is the one to opt. It is worn over loose hair. The style of this veil is unmatched by any other and it has a very romantic look.

Juliet Cap

9. Fingertip Veil

This veil stretches up to the fingertip yet does not give any restriction in movement. It is suitable for any hairstyle and can be plain or adorned with embellishments. It does not hide embellishments on the gown from the waist below.

Fingertip Veil

10. Chapel Veil

This veil is for those who want a heavy veil and one that has a traditional look. It is often combined with a sweeping train in order to make it look lengthier. It gives the illusion of a train but does not give any of the hassles seen with long trains.

Chapel Veil

11. Cathedral Veil

This is a very dramatic and grand looking veil. It is usually 120 inches in length and is longer than the bride’s gown. When walking down the aisle, it gives the dress and very regal look.

Cathedral Veil

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