12 Amazing Flats Which A Bride Can Wear For Her Wedding

Wedding is an important and a dreamy affair. The bride is showered with love, care and a lot of pampering. She does not want anything to go wrong on the big day of her life. She takes everything into her personal attention and care. One of the things which a bride shall give more attention to are her shoes. Shoes are an integral part of how the bride looks and comfortable she feels. It is very important for a bride to choose her shoes for the big day after being totally convinced. There are a number of different shoes and footwear that a bride can wear. One of these is the flats. These are comfortable and easy to wear. There are a number of styles and designs available in these.

Some Of These Have Been Discussed Below:

1. Ballerinas

Ballerinas are one of the most sought after shoes by girls. They are extremely easy to wear and very comfortable. There are a number of ballerina styles and looks from which a bride can choose her ballerinas. They look extremely classy and stylish. You can choose the solid colour ballerinas or the printed ones. They look classy and most importantly they are very comfortable.


2. Floral Flats

Floral flats are one of the most interesting and amazing shoes which you can wear on your wedding day. They are very fashionable and stylish. The floral flats will be extremely trend setting if you wear it as a bride.

Floral flats

3. All White Flats

A white flat looks elegant and classy. As a bride you can wear a white pair of flats with a contrasting colour dress. It looks simply amazing. Try not to wear white footwear during monsoons as you will spoil it completely.

All white flats

4. With A Bow Flats

Flats with bows look extremely appealing, cute and adorable. They are the most girlish footwear that a bride can opt for. Bows can be placed in various places of the shoes or you can opt for a pair of shoes which have bows printed all over. It is the cutest pair of flats that a bride can wear.

With a bow flats

5. With Sequins Flats

Sequins add a certain spark and shine to your entire appearance. You can wear flats which have sequins on them. These make the appearance of your feet much better and also add a certain glow to your entire appearance.

With sequins flats

6. With Stones Flats

Flats with stones lift your appearance as they add richness to your appearance. The stones can be big, small and of various different cuts. They definitely enhance your entire look and make you feel great. If you do not want a lot of stones, so you can wear a flat with just a single stone on it.

With stones flats

7. All Black Flats

Black flats are the evergreen flats. They will go well with your wedding outfit irrespective of its colour and make. Moreover, after your wedding these are one flat which will be very useful to you. In fact, black flats are one of the classic flats and you can never go wrong with them.

All black flats

8. Golden Or Silver Flats

Golden or silver flats are one of the most lively and energetic colours for a pair of flats for the big day of your life. These colours go well with every colour of dress and are bound to catch the attention of every onlooker. These are a lovely pair of flats to be worn for your wedding day

Golden or silver flats

9. Satin Flats

A pair of flats with rich satin top looks extremely pleasing. They have a shine and glow which lights up your entire appearance. You can opt for satin flats the colour of which goes extremely well with your wedding dress.

Satin flats

10. Pink Flats

Pink has always been a girl’s colour. You can team up a pink pair of flats with your white wedding attire. You can opt for striking pink or a light shade of pink. These look very cute and adorable.

Pink flats

11. Two Shaded Flats

A pair of flats with two or more colours gives a very interesting and eye catching look. You can opt for an interesting pair which has two or more colours blended in the perfect manner. It can be the perfect blend of two or more similar colour or contrasting colours. They look very pretty when worn on feet.

Two shaded flats

12. Front Covered Flats

Front covered flats give a look of a closed shoe but are different. They cover up the front area of your feet and it looks very smart when worn. As a present day, smart bride you can opt for these lovely pair of flats.

Front covered flats

These are a few amazing flats which a bride can wear on her wedding day and walk around freely.

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