12 Amazing Hair Ideas For A Bride With Long Face

Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. She wants everything to be perfect. Her dress, hair and makeup shall be the best and nothing shall do wrong. As a bride it is very important to know what looks the best on you can what does not. Every bride has a different structure and features and accordingly she plans her outfit, hair and look for the big day in her life. It is possible for you to have a longer face than the normal size and this often becomes a point of tension for the brides. The brides become extremely tensed about the hairstyle that they shall opt for their wedding. There are a number of hairstyles which a bride with a long face can try.

Some Of These Have Been Discussed Below:

1. Side Parting

A nice and a deep side parting go just perfect for a bride with a long face. You can have excess volume of one side of the parting while the other side can give your face a balanced look. This will help in getting the perfect look for your facial features and hair.

Side parting

2. Tongs

If a bride with a long face has a length which is reasonably long for hair, she shall opt for a little casual look. A very formal look can add to the stern look. So, try for loose tongs. These look extremely appealing from back and do not give special attention to your long face.


3. Side Long Fringes

These days’ fringes which are long are very much in fashion. As a bride you can opt for a nice long side fringe as your hairstyle. You can get a nice haircut done with this style a couple of weeks before the wedding and simply set your hair on your wedding day. It is definitely one of the best hairstyles to opt for.

Side long fringes

4. Sleek Top

As a bride with a long face you can opt for a hairstyle which keeps the top of your hairstyle sleek and nice. You can keep your hair extremely smooth. Simply let a few strands of hair fall over loosely. This will give a perfect shape to your face.

Sleek top

5. Short Fringes

Short fringes that fall just above your eyebrows are a perfect look as a bride to be for you. They balance the length of your face in just the perfect and right manner. It is one of those hairstyles which just fit in fine for brides with a long face.

Short fringes

6. Bun Updo

A classic updo of a bun is one of the best way to show off your facial features in a right manner if you are a bride with a long face. It also gives your cheekbones the perfect look as well.

Bun updo

7. Plaits

It is often that the volume of hair makes your face look longer than what it is. Plaits are a perfect way to do your hair for your wedding. It not only enhances your facial cuts but also makes your face look the perfect size.


8. Bouncy Curls

Doing big and bouncy curls to your hair will give your face a fuller and nice look. It will make your hair volume just perfect and give your face just the apt look.

Bouncy curls

9. Braid

Braids are a great way to distract all the attention which is given to your face. A side braid or a normal braid is the perfect way to hide the length of your face and to make your looks enhance.


10. Use Hair Accessories

Using hair accessories on your wedding day is a great idea. It not only takes away all the attention unnecessarily given to your face but also gives your look a very rich and suitable look for the wedding.

hair accessories bridal hairstyle

11. Bob

Bobs are one of the most fashionable hairstyles that you can sport on your wedding day. The bobs cutting in perfectly at your cheekbones are the best. They highlight your cheekbones and do not give much attention to the length of the face.


12. Ponytail

A nicely done ponytail is a nice and easy hairstyle for a bride with a long face. It is also a hassle free hairstyle that a bride can opt for the big day in her life. She can do a high ponytail as this will also help in framing the look of her long face.


These are a few interesting and easy to do hairstyles for a bride who has a long face. These hairstyles will definitely help in shaping up the look of the bride and also make a difference to her facial length.

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