13 Amazing Bodice Ideas For The Dress Of The Bride

Every girl wants to look the most stunning bride with the most stunning dress. Every girl chooses her bridal attire after a lot of thought and after going through a lot of options. The bride wants to be absolutely sure that the bridal attire which she has chosen is the perfect dress for the big day of her life. The bodice of the bride plays a very important role in the dress of the bride. The bodice shapes up the look of the dress and enhances the look of the bridal attire. There are a number of interesting and eye catching ideas for the bodice of the dress of the bride.

Some Of The Bodice Ideas Have Been Mentioned Below:

1. Printed Bodice

A printed bodice dress is a lovely bodice style for the dress of the bride. These days there are some amazing printed materials which can be used for a printed bodice. The printed bodice can be kept subtle by using light colours or elegant dark colours can be used to make it look elegant and catchy.


2. Hand Painted Bodice

The hand painted bodice gives a very classy and a different look. The hand painted bodice looks very interesting are catching. A stunning hand painted design can be made for the bodice of the bridal attire. It is one of the most amazing and unusual bodice styles that a bride can choose to wear for her wedding day.


3. Pearl Bodice

A pearl bodice is one of the most elegant bodice styles for a bride. It looks stylish, elegant and classy. Different sizes of pearls can be used for embellishing the bridal attire of the bride to make it look the most stunning dress.


4. Glitter Bodice

The glitter bodice looks fun and stylish. A bride who wants to add a fun factor to her dress shall opt for a lovely glitter bodice dress. It looks attractive and adds spark to the bridal attire. It is the perfect bodice choice for a bride who wants to shine and sparkle on her wedding day.


5. Sequins Bodice

The sequins bodice dress is a pretty and an attractive bodice dress for the bride. You can use some interesting colours of sequins for the bodice of your bridal attire. It enhances the look of the bride. The sequins will add a richness and an attractiveness to your pretty dress.


6. Embroidered Bodice

The embroidered bodice dress is one of the most evergreen and classy. Intricate embroidery designs can be done on the bodice of the bridal dress. It looks extremely elegant and appealing.


7. Metallic Bodice

Metallic bodice dress is eye catching and extremely attractive. It has a very different look from various other bodice designs which are used for the bride. This is the perfect dress for a bride who is willing to wear a dress with a very different bodice dress.


8. Thread Work Bodice

Thread work bodice dress has a very mesmerizing look. The dress of the bodice with thread work looks absolutely stylish and elegant. It has a very mesmerizing look which instantly catches the attention of onlookers.


9. Beaded Bodice

Beads bodice has a look which is stylish yet very traditional. A modern day bride will love to wear a dress with a beaded bodice. It looks lovely and extremely fashionable. Interesting colours and designs of beads can be used and created for a lovely beads bodice for the bridal attire.


10. Velvet Bodice

A velvet bodice for the dress of the bride makes the bridal attire look very rich and classy. The velvet has a certain charm and look which looks lovely. You can also use interesting colours of velvet which may or may not be embellished.


11. Sheer Bodice

A sheer bodice dress looks very stylish and fashionable. A sheer bodice is perfect dress for a bride who wants to put on a bold look and look extremely stylish. The sheer look to the bodice makes the dress more attractive and appealing.


12. Lace Bodice

A lace bodice for the wedding dress of the bride looks classy, elegant and extremely fashionable. The lace bodice has a very different look which also enhances the look of the bride. You can opt for a nice simple lace with pretty design or a lace with embellishments.


13. Floral Bodice

A floral bodice is one of the most stunning bodice ideas for the present day bride. The floral designs and looks are very much in fashion and the floral look will not disappoint the bride. There are some amazing designs in the floral look which are available for the bride.

floral-bodiceThese are a few amazing bodice styles for a bride which she can choose for wedding day.

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