13 Most Luxurious Wedding Destinations In The World

Wedding is a grand occasion in the life of every individual. Most couples dream of their wedding being a grand and luxurious affair. Every couple makes sure that all the guests attending their wedding have a great experience. There are a number of destinations in the world which are luxurious and grand. These locations are perfect for the wedding you desire.

Some Of These Luxurious Destinations Have Been Mentioned Below:

1. One And Only Reethi Rah Resort In Maldives

The resort is a beautiful place which has a great view and beautiful backdrop. It is a perfect location for a perfect peaceful wedding which is a private and an intimate affair. The resort offers great offers and combos for a great wedding.

One And Only Reethi Rah Resort in Maldives

2. Belmond Hotel Caruso In Italy

The hotel in Italy provides a great view Amalfi Coast. It is the perfect luxurious location for a perfect romantic wedding which has a breathtaking view. There are a number of amazing packages from which you can choose for a great wedding.

Belmond Hotel Caruso in Italy

3. Chateaux Vaux-Le-Vicomte In France

This is a great park in France which has a historic and vintage feel. This park has a French chateau set amongst a twelve hundred acre park. The park is available on a rent for a range of hour. This place has amazing architecture which will enhance your wedding beauty.

Chateaux Vaux-le-Vicomte in France

4. New York Public Library In New York

The library at New York is a perfect landmark to get married in a luxurious and grand way. It has great interiors and amazing architecture. You can rent a room in this historic place for your wedding ceremony.

New York Public Library in New York

5. Little Palm Island In Florida

The island is a perfect location for an intimate wedding affair. You can book the island you’re a private and exclusive affair. There are various regulations for a wedding in this beautiful island. You will love this place.

Little Palm Island in Florida

6. Laucala Island Resort In Fiji

A beautiful and a private island resort an amazing and luxurious wedding. The resort gives you the privacy for a closed affair and some great villas. You will find great attractions like volcanic mountains, tropical rainforest, breath taking beaches, coral reefs, and mangroves are some other beautiful natural beauties which are a treat to the eyes.

Laucala Island Resort in Fiji

7. Viceroy Anguilla Is Anguilla

The Viceroy Anguilla is Anguilla is a posh property between two breath taking beaches against the Caribbean Sea. It is a heaven on earth and every couple’s dream to get married in this beautiful destination. It has great service from the staff and some amazing views to make your wedding a memorable event.

Viceroy Anguilla is Anguilla

8. Alila Ubud Resort In Bali

The Alila Ubud Resort is an exotic and grand resort to get married in. It has mystical hillside which is surrounded by some great mountains and tropical gardens and forests. It is one of the most romantic resorts to get married in.

Alila Ubud Resort in Bali

9. Musha Cay In Bahamas

The Musha Cay is located perfectly between the Islands of Copperfield Bay. It has a large land area and is absolute paradise on earth. It is a quiet and secluded place and a great option if you want to have an extremely private affair.

Musha Cay in Bahamas

10. Pelican Hill In California

The Pelican hill is a renowned resort in California for your wedding. It is the perfect resort to have a personalized wedding and the one according to your wishes. The wedding is held at a beautiful location in the resort which makes it more memorable and interesting.

Pelican Hill in California

11. The Loeb Central Boathouse In New York

This is a beautiful location in New York’s iconic Central Park. It is beautiful boathouse which is on the lake for many years now. It is a perfect getaway for a grand and beautiful wedding. It will make this big day of your life memorable.

The Loeb Central Boathouse in New York

12. Blackberry Farm In Tennesee

The Blackberry Farm is a great location for wedding in Tennesee. It is a perfect location for a romantic outdoor wedding. It is located in the Smoky Mountains. It has a beautiful and a breath taking view which will leave everyone in awe. There are a number of exotic amenities which will be available for your wedding ceremony.

Blackberry Farm in Tennesee

13. Mt. Hood Organic Farms In Oregon

The Mt. Hood Organic Farms is one of the best farms in Oregon. It has one of the most beautiful and scenic farms which can be seen today. It has the best natural beauty that one can see. It has mountains, lakes, and orchards, wood to add to this beautiful location’s beauty. It has great food, as the name says, organic. You will have a very different wedding experience here.

Mt. Hood Organic Farms in Oregon

These are some of the most luxurious and beautiful locations in the world where you can get married in. you will simply love the experience.

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