14 Amazing Hairdos For A Bride With A Bun

As a bride every girl wants to have the best of everything and look the prettiest and the best. As a bride every girl wants to stand out and she leaves no stone unturned in the process. One of the most important factors which determine the look of the bride is her hairdo. The style in which a bride’s hair is done plays a very crucial role in her appearance and can definitely enhance the beauty of the bride. One of the hairstyles which every bride opts for is the bun. A bun looks amazing and extremely elegant. A bride can style and do her bun in various different ways.

Some Of These Have Been Mentioned Below:

1. High Bun

A high bun looks very formal and gives the bride a very different look as it highlights her cheekbones in the best possible way. As a bride you can opt for a nice sleek bun which will make your appearance look great.


2. Low Bun

As a bride who does not want a high and formal looking bun hairdo for her wedding day she can opt for a smart and semi casual hairdo with a low bun. This hairdo looks lovely and definitely enhances the beauty of the bride.


3. Tight Bun

Any bride who wants a carefree and a hassle free hairdo for her wedding day shall opt for a tight bu. The bun is tightly pulled back and gives you a very neat and clean appearance as a bride. Moreover you do not have to be bothered about your hairdo at all with this style.


4. Pearl Bun

A bun with pearls is one of the greatest combinations for an elegant bun up do. You can place small pearls on the bun on a large pearl accessory on the bun. It looks extremely elegant and adds style to your lovely bun hairstyle.


5. Artificial Diamond On Bun

An artificial diamond accessory on your bun with add a lot of spunk shine and charm to your lovely bun hairdo. It will look absolutely stunning and attractive. It will also make your bun look attractive and dressy.


6. Bun With Lace

A lace bun hairdo is a different way to do your bun. It has a lot of class and elegance which makes this lovely hairstyle standout from other bun styles. It is attractive and has a charm which can leave the onlooker absolutely mesmerized.


7. Stones Bun

Stones are a great way to embellish your bun on your wedding day. They add a lot of richness and attraction to your bun style. With this amazing accessory for your bun on your wedding day you will simply love the look of your hair.


8. With A Flower Bun

Flowers are one of the most evergreen and classy way to add a lot of grace to your bun hairdo. It looks stylish, elegant and extremely fashionable which instantly changes your look on your wedding day. You can place the flower in various interesting and eye catching ways on your hair and make it loom lovely.


9. Braided Bun

A braided bun looks really nice and simple. The braids are done first and then the same is made for an interesting bun up do. This style looks classic. It is a simple hairdo which is loved by all.


10. Twisted Bun

A twisted bun is a simple bun which is twisted and it gives a slightly different look than the normal bun. It is a hairdo which can be opted by brides who want a simple yet a different bun hairdo.


11. Curly Bun

A curly bun hairdo is one of the most fashionable buns up dos that a bride can opt for. As a bride you will first need to curl your hair and then the same needs to be pulled up to form a nice and interesting looking bun. You can leave a few strands of your curled hair loose as this will definitely add to the glamour quotient.


12. Rose Bun

A rose bun is an interesting and a stylish hair up do which can be opted by brides who want a very different looking bun. The bun, as the name says in similar to a rose and looks absolutely stunning. It is one of the most stylish looking buns.


13. Knot Bun

A knot bun is an interesting looking bun which instantly catches the eyes of the onlooker. As a bride if you want to opt for a hassle free hairdo then the knot bun is the best one.


14. With A Tiara

A tiara on a bun up do looks great and it gives you a very princess style look. As a bride you can opt for the tiara to be placed in the best possible manner and in the correct position too.

with-a-tiaraThese are a few amazing hairdos for a bride with a bun.

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