14 Amazing Pre Wedding Shoot Ideas

Wedding is a very important event in the life of every individual and the couple to be wed. It is once in a lifetime opportunity and all couples to be married do not want to leave any stone turned to make this day extremely special. In fact, these days’ couples make sure that the period before their marriage is also extremely enjoyable and memorable. All efforts are put in to come up with new and interesting ideas and the couple make sure they surprise each other. One of the many things that couples to get married do prior to their wedding is to get a pre wedding shoot done. It is a fun and interesting idea. The pictures are clicked by a professional and the couples come up with really amazing ideas for the photo shoot.

Some Of The Amazing Ideas For A Pre Wedding Shoot Have Been Discussed Below

1. By The Beach

A pre wedding photo shoot location at the beach is one of the best places to capture some amazing moments and emotions for the couple. It is the most romantic and out of the world experience. The couple can give a number of poses and styles. You need to make sure that you go at the right time to the location to get the perfect clicks for the shoot.

By The Beach

2. Cycle Time

A pre wedding photo shoot in a cycle is a very cute idea for a photo shoot of the couple. A number of different styles can be tried with a cycle. You can also use a lot of melodrama to give a nice effect to your pictures. Make sure that you make the pictures look real too. The cycle can be decorated a little to go well with your poses and style.

Cycle Time

3. Save The Date

Save the date photo shoot right before the wedding is a common way to announce your wedding date. You shall make sure that the location you choose is very attractive as the background will play a very vital role in such pictures.

Save The Date

4. Balloons

Balloons are the best way to celebrate and express your happiness. As a couple to be you can do some crazy stuff with balloons. You can also opt for personalised balloons to express your feelings. This a prop with which you can be very creative and innovative.


5. Kiss

There is no better way to seal a deal or a relationship than a kiss. You can kiss your better half on the cheek or the forehead and make sure that the picture is clicked well to capture the moment. This will be one of the best pre wedding pictures if it is captured at the right moment.


6. Carry Your Girl

If you want a picture which is full of fun and romance then it is a great pose to capture. All you need to do is carry your girl for the picture. This will be great fun. Make sure that you guys have a great chemistry and look at ease. It will be a great click and will show what a romantic couple you are.

Carry Your Girl

7. Hand In Hand

An immensely love and romance filled picture will be when you can walk, laugh and be together hand in hand. You can pose in a number of ways by just holding the hands of each other. You can also sit sweetly on a bench hand in hand. Somme back poses can also be captured.

Hand In Hand

8. Engaged

It is a great idea to announce your engagement with a photo shoot. You can flaunt your engagement rings or use messages which convey the message of your engagement. These are fun and interesting ways of announcing your new status.


9. On The Boat

Boat rides are always fun. It becomes much more special when you have your love to give you company. You can capture some really candid pictures on a boat. Your photographer will help you to give some amazing clicks. This will be romantic, fun and candid pre wedding shoot.

On The Boat

10. With Some Wine

A photo shoot with some sizzling chemistry over a date will be a great idea. You can have a nice set up with some drinks and food. Some intimate and romantic pictures can be clicked for a pre wedding shoot. You can also pose with wine glasses and the bottle in some really interesting ways. You can come up with interesting concepts.

With Some Wine

11. Personalized Boards

Being a couple who is going to get married you can have some cute, fun filled and interesting personalized boards or messages for your pre wedding pictures. Interesting poses and props can be used to make the pictures really fun filled and eye catching.

Personalized Boards

12. Bubbles

Bubbles add a lot of life and a feel of the dreaming world to your pictures. Interesting pictures can be clicked with bubbles in the air. You can also pose for pictures where one of you is blowing the bubbles. It will be a romantic and cute pose for great pictures.


13. Handcuffs

There is no better way to feel that you both are going to be together than being handcuffed. You can show how interesting a couple you will make by posing in ways to lead the way for one another. It is going to be really funny and interesting to see how you can use the prop of handcuff for an interesting pre wedding shoot.


14. Proposal

A nice proposal can be shown in your pre wedding shoot. You can make a small story of how the proposal was, and eventually who agreed. A small glimpse of your courtship can also be captured. It is going to be a sweet little tale for your lives which can be captured through pictures and made really interesting.


These are a few amazing pre wedding shoot ideas. These are fun filled and cute pictures which will capture some candid, real and romantic moments of you before your wedding. Enjoy these moments and make the pictures and the time spent really enjoyable and memorable. It is very important that you do not take much load or tension about these shoots and just be happy.

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