4 Things To Remember While Planning A Monsoon Wedding

Weddings are not about seasons, it is more about all your near and dear ones, family and friends, coming together and having fun. Weddings are all about having some great memories and remembering those memories. Most of us do not want to have a monsoon wedding but many of us do not have an option left. It is more important for the bride and groom to be present than to argue over the season in which the wedding shall take place. If you are having a monsoon wedding, it is extremely important to have various arrangements in place. It is important that you plan your monsoon wedding with extreme care and make sure no loop holes are left. Some of the things which one shall keep in mind while planning a monsoon wedding have been mentioned below.

1. Venue Shall Be Indoors Or Covered

It is very important to plan your monsoon wedding very carefully from the very first step. The first thing that you need to plan is the place or the venue of the wedding. It is very important that you make sure, that an open space is not chosen for a monsoon wedding. The season is known for extreme rain and if by any chance the rain gods are in the mood, then you will have a tough time. You cannot leave the wedding on luck, so, it is always better to be on the safe side and book an indoor venue for your wedding.

Venue Shall Be Indoors Or Covered

2. Venue Shall Be Well Lit

If you are having a day wedding, you shall make sure that the wedding venue has proper lighting system. The venue shall have lights which can illuminate the venue nicely. The monsoon season has no certainty of sunlight and when dark columns of cloud gather. So, it is always better to take proper precautions and make the right arrangements.

Venue Shall Be Well Lit

3. Umbrellas Shall Be Available

Usually the guests carry their umbrellas to the wedding venue during the monsoons. Sometimes, the need for an extra umbrella may arise and you shall be able to provide the guests with the umbrella they need. So, make sure you stock up a few umbrellas beforehand.

Umbrellas Shall Be Available

4. Interesting Monsoon Wedding Invite

Monsoon means rain, thunder, lightening, clouds and water logging. You shall make sure that you can come up with an interesting invite which relates to monsoon and an upcoming monsoon wedding for the guests. You can have a new concept for an invite which instantly catches the eyes of your guests. It is a great idea to plan a nice and eye catching monsoon invite.

Interesting Monsoon Wedding Invite

These are a few things you shall take care of while planning your monsoon wedding. Just make sure that you shall plan your wedding right from the very first step and all will fall in place eventually.

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