5 Amazing Ideas To Highlight Your Cheekbones As A Bride

As a bride your makeup plays a very crucial role on your wedding day. A great makeup can enhance your look or a bad makeup can completely ruin your look as a bride. You need to be extremely sure and confident of the makeup that you opt for and the areas on which makeup is being applied. One of the areas which hugely determine your look as a bride is your cheekbones. It is very important that they have been highlighted properly and which immense care. There are a number of ways and ideas for highlighting your amazing cheekbones as a bride.

Some Of These Have Been Mentioned Below:

1. Locate Your Cheekbones

It is very important that you locate your cheekbones before highlighting them. You can use your fingers and locate it easily. You will have to apply the blush on the hollow beneath the cheekbones.

Locate Your Cheekbones

2. Use A Rounded Brush

For highlighting your cheekbones, it is very important to use a rounded brush. This brush will help you in contouring and highlighting your cheekbones in the perfect manner possible. Always remember to clean your brush before using it and before application of blush on your cheeks remember to shed off the extra blush.


3. Apply Blush On Your Cheeks

You shall always remember to apply some blush on your cheeks apart from the cheekbones. This will give your cheekbones a deeper and a more intense look as a bride.


4. Blend Your Blush

If you feel that the cheekbone colour after highlighting is not what you want then make sure that you keep blending it to get the perfect look. Always blend the colour upwards and not downwards.

Blend Your Blush

5. Add Colour To Your Hairline

As you contour your cheekbones you shall simultaneously contour the blush colour to your hairline also. This will greatly help in giving your skin a great look and glow. If you have a large or flat forehead then that will also be disguised greatly.


These are amazing some amazing ways to highlight your cheekbones and look lovely as a bride. You shall always highlight your cheekbone sin the manner which suits you the best.

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