5 Amazing Scottish Wedding Ideas

Is your heart set on Scottish themed wedding? Whatever might be the reason for you to choose a Scottish wedding theme, the ceremony is going to be exciting and entertaining. Here are a few ideas to help you plan your Scottish wedding and choose the best from outfit to entertainment.

Here Are The Scottish Wedding Ideas:

1. Bridal Outfit

A traditional white gown is what most brides around the globe choose to wear for their wedding. However, a traditional Scottish bridal dress is different with simple stripes. It is called arisaid, but today most brides do not prefer to wear this old tradition. If you wish to incorporate this heritage in your wedding, you can wear a tartan corset or a sash or even a detachable tartan train, which suits your modern wedding gown. Adding the bride’s or groom’s clan color will make the wedding dress extra special.

Bridal Outfit

2. Groom’s Outfit

A traditional Scottish groom’s wear is charming. Wear a formal kilt outfit to look unique in the present day’s tradition. If the groom is not up for a kilt, make a statement with a tartan suit. If you feel a tartan and tweed suit is too much, accentuate your dapper wedding suit with tartan waistcoat, tweed tie, kilt pins, tweed cufflinks, kilt belt buckle, etc.

Groom’s Outfit

3. Wedding Ring

There cannot be a better way to celebrate and express your union and love than a celtic wedding ring. There are many celtic symbols that symbolize love, family, etc. These designs are beautiful and symbolize Scottish heritage. Another popular and powerful wedding ring design is the thistle, the national emblem of Scotland. You can also go for a luckenbooth design, the traditional symbol of love. All these designs are a perfect symbol of Scottish culture and happy union.

Wedding Ring

4. Table Decorations

Make the atmosphere filled with love by hanging beautiful hearts made of tartans. Tartans table clothes, table runners and napkins are very popular nowadays. Collect Scottish wild flowers and arrange them in a vintage teapot to make an attractive centerpiece or else make an edible centerpiece using Scottish berries.

Table Decorations

5. Highland Games And Dance

Including the traditional Scottish dance such as the grand march or lang reel will be fantastic. Involving the guests in the dance will be fun and everyone will enjoy it. Similar to the dance, highland games after the wedding ceremony are an amazing and cool way to entertain the guests. Tug of war, caber toss, wedding scramble, etc will be great.

Highland Games and Dance

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