5 Best Wedding Dress And Shoe Combinations To Experiment This Year!

As a bride with a huge shopping list, it does get stressful to seek perfection in every purchase you make. You may love that dress but will certainly struggle to find the perfect shoes that matches up with its verve. Similarly, you may have to let an envious pair of shoes rest in the shopping racks for you know full well that it might not go well with your wedding dress.

So to put a rest to your confusions, here is a list of five best wedding dress and shoe combinations that you can blindly experiment upon. It is about time you gave your wedding dress its due and allowed it to say ‘I do’ to its favourite pair of shoes.

Below Are The 5 Best Wedding Dress And Shoe Combinations:

1. Wedges/Flats – Long Sleeve Wedding Dress With Slits

Your full sleeved wedding dress  already has exuded the impression of its majestic length to everyone possible. Thus, to possibly tone down on the impression wedges and flats work better than heels. And if your wedding dress has this neat slit then you would definitely be the cynosure of all eyes as you dance away with your partner in your wedges!


2. Open Toe Shoes- Knee Length Floral Dress

A knee length floral dress with either printed or stitched designs reflects a laid back and cheery personality to the anyone who adorns it. It is the perfect example of a classic yet uber chic wear. Thus, open toe shoes that provides a sneak peak of your toes could as well add to the same dimension. Besides this, since your dress is replete with designs, it is always better to opt for a plain yet elegant pair of shoes.


3. High Sandals- Off Shoulder Short Dress

Off Shoulder short dresses have puffy skirts that do not become the contours of your toned legs. This can be compensated by high sandals that clutches your feet perfectly. This combination tends to give an impression of someone ready to take the bull by its horns. Pair this up with a hat and you are all set to ring in the wedding bells!


4. Sling Back Shoes- Tea Ball Gown

The existence of tea ball gowns was the very reason why our sleeping beauties, fairies and princesses became a part of pop culture. This is the kind of dress that would have been the dreams you might have hushed yourself to sleep not 20 days but 20 years before your wedding. And it comes as no surprise that Cindrella’s lost glass slipper happened to be a sling back shoe! A sling back shoe with bow ties is the perfect accessory in case your wedding is classically themed.


5. Cowgirl Boots- Ruffled Country Dresses

While in most cases you pick the dress and then decide the shoes, over here you have to approach a vice versa process. They are not many dresses that go well with a daredevil of boots, in fact an average mind that has always assumed boots with rain cannot imagine boots for weddings. And this is why ruffled country dresses just out of a rustic landscape would willfully oblige to be the best partner to your boots. Just ensure that your boots are dirty brown and your wedding dress dashing white to highlight attention to your persona.


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