5 Chic Wedding Nail Art Ideas

As the most life defining event, wedding takes the cake, anyday! One look at the premise and you are sure to be mesmerized. The wedding choir, lovely faces, lovelier dresses, good food, better wine; the list goes on. No wonder each and every one in attendance is in the mood for the good!

So you have all the essentials checked so far as wardrobe is concerned, which is appreciated. But it’d be unjust if you avoid nail art altogether. Wedding make up is not all about dresses and hairdos anymore. The little corner of the fingers that house nails has their say for the wedding season as well. Wedding nail art gives an unprecedented definition of craftsmanship and some cool stylized look for your nails. Brides might opt out for them but it is a must try for bridesmaid and also for the guests in attendance. Take a look at these 5 chic wedding nail art ideas before the wedding bells ring!

Here Are The 5 Chic Wedding Nail Art Ideas:

1. Floral Wedding Nail Art

Flowers are everywhere to be seen on the big day, why not let them blossom on your nails too, figuratively though? Beautifully painted floral designs are not worn on the nails every day, hence make the most of the occasion with floral wedding nail art. Flowers are aplenty in the botanical world, which leaves you spoilt for choices. Choose rose if that is what your heart is close to.

Floral wedding nail art

2. Bridegroom And Bride Attire Nail Art

Funky and pretty symbolic, the assortment of bride and groom’s attire painted in the nails is an attention grabbing one. There is absolutely nothing about that this wedding nail art idea that you will not fall for as they convey a very sweet message as to the groom as the bride extends her ring finger. Bridesmaids and attendees, you too can have them as a theme to rock the function.

Bridegroom and bride attire nail art

3. Heart Nails

Love is never going to perish; heart never stops beating while in love. That’s what you state with heart nail art for your wedding. They look inviting and very apt as wedding nail art idea; the best part has to be the neutrality in design. As a classic design for wedding nail art, this can be opted by all and sundry. Make no mistake; the color has to be the hottest shade of red. Such is the uncompromising nature of this particular wedding nail art idea.

Heart nails

4. Lace Nails

A fancy nail art that has caught the fancy of a lot of bride-to-be in recent times; whether you use the illusion effect for the lace nails art or the fabric itself, you are bound to be the most talked about bride for your nail art. The pattern is the byproduct of the genius by some nail art tools that are readily available in the market and can be done with much ease.

Lace nails

5. “I do” Nail Art

Can you really imagine getting into wedlock without uttering the two most significant words of your life? Then why not make them even more special by inscribing with nail paint on your nails. Of course, you can at most get two of your fingers painted in this inscription but not to worry, there is 3D effect pearls, matte finish nail art and images of bow tie or wedding gowns as accompaniments for this nail art.

I do” nail artThese nail art ideas are totally unique and trendy. So, try them on your wedding day.

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