5 Creative Ideas For Wedding Chuppah

A chuppah is nothing but a canopy made of cloth and supported by poles at the four ends. In a Jewish wedding, it represents the home the couple would build together after wedding. Nowadays, many couples from different cultures incorporate a chuppah in their weddings for its physical beauty. If you are planning to create a chuppah for your wedding, there is no shortage of numerous creative ideas. Here we have selected some of the best ideas. Check out these to get some inspo.

Here Are The Creative Ideas For Wedding Chuppah:

1. Fabric And Flowers

Fabric and flowers are the perfect combination to create a tasteful and attractive chuppah. The flowyness of the fabric combined with the floral arrangements and foliage will look amazing. Roses, hydrangeas, white peonies will all look beautiful with the white airy fabric. A white theme will be perfect and more romantic too.

Fabric and Flowers

2. Autumn Inspired Chuppah

If you are planning to get married in fall, there cannot be a better venue than an outdoor location close to nature. The lush greenery with hues of green, brown, orange is so beautiful. To complement the beautiful natural surroundings, go for a natural fall foliage chuppah. Olive branches, dahlias, orchids, persimmons, maples, gingkos, hazels, redbuds, orange amaranthus, etc will add the fun of the season and light up the ceremony with the wide range of fall colors and texture.

Autumn Inspired Chuppah

3. Paper Craft

Paper cut chuppah looks very modern, classic, neat and stylish. These chuppahs allow light to enter through them making the podium look stunning. You can also go for a custom made design, which would include lovely wordings too. The reflection of the design on the floor will make it a special place to say your vows.

Paper Craft

4. Chuppah With Hanging Decors

A simple chuppah with white airy fabric and hanging decors will be gorgeous. You can hang down colorful flowers, pompoms, vibrant shiny balls, candles inside glass bowls, butterflies, crystal beads, etc. The floating decors and the perfect lighting will create a romantic atmosphere ideal for the ceremony.

Chuppah with Hanging Decors

5. Beach Wedding Chuppah

With the ocean as the backdrop, a chuppah constructed with birch poles, a piece of lace and hanging decors such as tropical flowers, shells, colored feathers, foliage, bottles with sand and shells, starfishes, etc will be unique. You can add a little blue hue to make the chuppah match the oceanic theme. For a more rustic look, go for bamboos and an organic canopy cover such as jute.

Beach Wedding Chuppah

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