5 Dazzling Makeup Tips For African American Brides

As a bride endowed with a healthy dark skin, you do know you have only a little way to go before you can flaunt your dazzling complexion on your wedding day. Nonetheless, here are definitely some tips that specifically cater to your skin types which,  if you borrow you can steer clear from replicating makeup that you generally find plastered on models in magazine covers, who all unfortunately but unanimously happen to be white skinned.
Comprehending the lack of magazines addressed to your needs, we bring to you exclusively 5 tips that every African American bride has to follow.

Below Are The 5 Dazzling Makeup Tips For African American Brides:

1. Highlighters

Make sure that over the light blush on your cheeks, you add coral hued higlighters or bronzers. They must not come off as too shiny or glimmery and must only be an aid to play up to your skin tone. These are probably the best makeup hack to brighten up a spring or summer wedding story.


2. Eye Shadow

You must find an eye shadow that is able to complement your skin tone. Thus ditch light tones like lilac or vannila for tan and sable hues. But you do not really have to stammer if you find yourself drawn towards metallic eye shadows for they happen to suit any skin tone. You can also accentuate your eyes with a gel eyeliner. Warm colours like copper, burgundy and deep brown paint strokes of feverish freshness to your face. If you pair this up with a purple eyeliner then you clearly become that one bride who abides by her ‘just five more minutes’ vow!


3. Lipstick

For those with darker complexion, one must understand that your lips are of the same tone. Hence it is always better to opt for a subtle  shade of pink nude which expresses out the romance that your heart tries to conceal. If you prefer going bold, then a red lipstick might be a 50-50 proposition and so it is safer to opt for a bronze metallic lip colour instead. If you want to concentrate more on your lips then make your eye makeup light and vice versa.


4. Foundation

For brides who are coloured, it is time to get your artistic hormones raging as you would have to turn your foundation into a palette of sorts. This is because you need a mix of colours that radiates the different tones existing in your skin.  Hence it is always better to opt for a makeup trial in the beginning. Foundation with red and yellow undertones are ideal. If you want to airbrush those bags under your eyes, do not make your foundation any shade lighter as they happen to turn your face ash gray. Instead you could use a concealer on them.


5. Prepare Your Skin For The Makeup

Try to prepare your skin to take all that load of a make up months in advance. The secret is obviously simple: Drink loads of water, undertake monthly facials and have a sound sleep. In addition to this, to remove the dead flaky skin from your lips exfoliate them with sugar and coconut oil. You surely want to gift your groom with the best kissable lips!


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