5 DIY Wedding Makeup Tips For Brides

Every woman wants to look the best on the D-day. Utmost care and attention is given to dress and make up not only because all attention will be on you, but the photographs you click will stay forever. Once you have decided the dress, the next thing is the makeup. Here are some tips to help you get the professional look, if you have chosen to wear makeup on your own and look picture perfect on the big day.

Here Are The Wedding Makeup Tips:

1. Get Your Base Perfect

Getting your base perfect is important for looking gorgeous on the big day. When you apply the foundation, apply it in circular motion using your fingers from face to neck. Use a primer to smooth out the skin before you apply the foundation. Primer will tone down uneven patches and enable foundation sit on the top without settling on the pores. Where there are dark spots, cover it using a concealer after foundation to get a professional look.

Get your Base Perfect

2. No Over Powdering

Applying too much powder will make the look dull and cakey. Apply powder only where it is necessary, for example apply it on the nose, chin and forehead areas for a glowing look. It is always beautiful to see parts of skin glow and the rest matte so do not over do the powder. Apply powder using a feathery brush. Press down the product and do not use circular motion to spread it.

No over Powdering

3. Gorgeous Eyes

Use an eye-shadow base and a concealer before applying the color on the lids. Pick one that matches your skin color and set the concelar using a yellow powder to brighten the skin tone. Do not try any new eye shadow, simply amp up the eye shadows you wear regularly. Use eyeliner on the top and bottom to make the eyes look big and beautiful. Add a bit more shadow into the corner of the eyelids for the extra drama.

Gorgeous Eyes

4. Perfect Eyebrows

Eyebrows are a defining feature that influences the overall look. So go for a darker eyebrow to look stunning on photographs on the special day. Do not go off the natural line. Fill in the brow powder and work it out towards the tail. Just extend the tail till the end of the length of the eyes to enhance the look.

Perfect Eyebrows

5. Beautiful Lips

When it comes to the lips keep it hydrated using a lip balm days before the big day. This treatment will remove dry lines and make the lips smooth. First, using a lip liner, define the lip shape and then start filling the chosen color from the edges of the lips towards the center. Finish with a clear gloss, but do not over do the gloss.

Beautiful Lips

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