5 Down-Dos To Wear To A Wedding

Hair dos are very important and fun to try. You can try a number of styles with hair to make yourself look beautiful. Many hairstyles are easy and also fun to try as they give you your best look. Whatever dress you wear there is a hairstyle in store that will perfectly add grace to your look. Let it be your formals or party wear try the right hairstyle and you are absolutely ready for the day. If it is a wedding then you must take additional care to make sure your hair is perfect and beautiful.

Here Is A List Of 5 Chick Down Dos You Will Want To Try To A Wedding:

1. A Side Braid

A side braid is a cute hairstyle and is definitely a must try for all those girls who want to look pretty and stylish in weddings. You can try a lot of variations in this hairstyle that will give you a perfect look. You can either pull up all your hair into a side braid which is the most common form of a side braid. You can also try sectioning your hair and then make the side braid that can either fall on your face or can be tied up behind. You can also try a 4 strand side braid to enjoy a graceful look.

A side braid

2. Two Twisted Braid

This amazing hairstyle will definitely give you an amazing look. Try doing various variations in this style and you can achieve a great change and a stunning look simultaneously. Pull out the section of the hair and make the twist the size of the twist depends on how you want the style to be. If you have chosen bigger strands then you can take bigger twists. You can also get a messy look by loosening the braid and allowing it to be messy. You can secure the hair by using a hair spray that will allow the hair to stay in its place.

Two twisted braid

3. A Bouncy Blow Out

A Bouncy hair is a dream of every girl. If you have thin and flat hair, try using various hair care products that will give you a nice bouncy look. Try the blow out process to instantly get that bouncy look. This look always tops the show and makes you look at your best. Try using proper hair care products while applying heat to your hair. Also take proper care as frequently applying heat to your hair will result in damaged, dry and frizzy hair.

A bouncy blow out

4. An Accent Braid

This is one of the best hairstyles ever that work amazingly on all hair types and hair lengths. You can try this hairstyle frequently as it doesn’t require much time and expertise and will give you a stylish look instantly. Try this look with any outfit and you will look beautiful and gorgeous.

An accent braid

5. A Waterfall Braid

This beautiful hairstyle is an amazing hairstyle for people with long hair. This beautiful braid appears challenging but is not really difficult. With some basic steps and care you can get this beautiful hairstyle in no time. The best thing about this braid is that it doesn’t cover up your long locks and gives them an attractive look.

A waterfall braid

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