5 Dress Ideas For A Bride With Oval Face

Every bride has a different facial cut and she wants to wear the dress which gives well with her facial cut. It often becomes very different for brides to identify their facial cut and wear a dress according to that cut and look. One of the facial cuts of the bride is the oval cut. In such a facial cut a bride primarily has either a large forehead or a very prominent chin. Any of these can make the face of the bride look very large. A bride shall avoid wearing dresses which enhance the facial features or make her face look longer.

Some Of The Dresses That A Bride Which An Oval Face Can Wear Have Been Mentioned Below:

1. V Neck Dress

A V neck dress is a very interesting and an eye catching piece of dress that a bride with an oval face can wear on her wedding day. The dress divides the attention from the face of the dress and looks nice with that facial cut.

V neck dress

2. Sleeveless Dress

A sleeveless dress is a simple wedding dress which does not add to make your face look longer than what it is. You can opt for various styles and looks for this beautiful dress for big day.

Sleeveless dress

3. Halter Dress

A halter dress is a bold dress that a bride with a long face can wear on her wedding day. You can opt for an halter dress as it does not add more attention to your prominent chin and makes your look better.

Halter dress

4. Collar Dress

A low collar dress is a nice formal dress that a bride with an oval facial cut can wear for her wedding day. You shall make sure that the collar is not very high as it will add a lot of unnecessary drama to your facial cut.

Collar dress

5. Off Shoulder Dress

An off shoulder dress is the perfect dress for a bride who is fashionable, stylish and trendy. This dress instantly removes the attention from your face and adds a lot of drama to the lower half of your body. The dress is much talked about dresses these days and you will love the look as a bride.

Off shoulder dress

These are a few dresses that a bride with an oval face can wear on her wedding day.

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