5 Easy Steps To Mend A Broken Nail Of A Bride

We all are extremely attached to our nails in particular. Most of us are extremely conscious and over protective about our nails. As a bride you become more aware and conscious about the way your hand looks. A timely manicure and pedicure are a must for the hands and legs respectively for the bride before the wedding. It helps in making the nails look better and brighter. A good routinely and timely nurturing of nails is a must. If you are bride to be, you shall remember to take good care of your hands a few months before the wedding. We usually do not hope for anything to go wrong with our nails right before the wedding but uncertainties do arise and you have to deal with them. You have to deal with all situations taking them in your stride. It is quite possible for your nails to chip off or crack right before your wedding. This upsets you immensely. There are a few ways to deal with a cracked nail at home. This is easy and you will be absolutely surprised with the results. One of these ways have been discussed and explained below. You will just have to follow the below mentioned steps.

Here Are The 5 Easy Steps To Mend A Broken Nail Of A Bride

First Step

The first step involves finding and getting a tea bag to fix your broken nail. Once you have found the tea bag, you will have to cut it off and clear the entire tea bag. All the tea leaves have to be taken out. In simple words, you will need to clear the tea bag of all the tea present in it.

First stepSecond Step

This step is all about fixing the broken or cracked nail temporarily. You need to have the clear base or the transparent nail polish for the nails. Then, apply one coat of the base on the broken nail. This will help in temporarily hiding the broken or cracked bit of your nail.

Second stepThird Step

The third step involves using the tea bag which you had emptied in the first step. You will now have to cut out a small portion of the tea bag and place it on top of the clear base coat which has been placed on the cracked or broken bit of your nail. Make sure that the cut out tea bag is applied when the coat is wet and has not dried up.

Third stepFourth Step

In the fourth step you will have to leave the nail to dry up properly. Once the base coat on nail has dried up well, you will proceed further. You can file your nail well. The filing shall include omission of the sharp and uneven edges. You shall not shape the nail as it is still the temporary nail which you have fixed for once.

Fourth stepFifth Step

The fifth step is the last step. You can apply nail paint on the temporary nail till it grows. These are steps to hold the nail till it grows. This is the temporary nail which is being held together. Once the nail grows you can file it and shape up the nail. You need to be sure that the nail has grown enough before you file it.

Fifth stepThese are a few simple steps which will help you in fixing a broken or a cracked nail. It is especially hard for people with longs nails to ignore a chipped of nail. As a bride to be a broken nail shall definitely not spoil your mood as you easily mend it.

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