5 Engagement Ring Ideas For The Groom

Weddings are preceded by a number of functions, ceremonies and rituals. All of these are important and an integral part of weddings. Weddings play a very important role in the life of every human and it is given immense importance. One of the most important and well- known functions which precedes wedding is the engagement ceremony. It is a formal ceremony where the bride to be and groom to be are officially taken and rings are exchanged between them. We often give a lot of importance to the ring of the bride but we often ignore the engagement ring of the groom. The ring of the groom is equally important and is available in a number of styles and designs.

Some Of The Rings Which You Can Choose For The Groom Have Been Mentioned Below:

1. Gold Ring

This is the most common and simple engagement ring for men. It has a style and class of its own. You can opt for this ring if you do not want an elaborate or decorative ring. It is the classiest ring available. You can opt for the gold carat depending on the budget and price of the ring.

Gold ring

2. Silver Ring

A silver ring is a simple silver plated ring which looks different and definitely catches your attention. It is a classy ring which attracts the onlookers. If the groom does not want to opt for a ring which is elaborate but is different then he can definitely try this ring.

Silver ring

3. Solitaire Ring

A solitaire ring is an engagement ring with a silver or gold band with a solitaire carefully placed. You can decide the solitaire size and purity of the diamond depending on your budget. It is one of the most evergreen rings that can be worn by a groom.

Solitaire ring

4. Square Ring

A square shaped engagement ring is a little different and interesting engagement ring which can be chosen for the groom. It can be a simple ring of gold or silver which has a square cut for the outer appearance and the inside is in a circular shape.

Square ring

5. Diamond Ring

A diamond ring is an interesting looking, simple ring which can be worn by the groom on his engagement finger. The diamonds can be placed interestingly to make it look more appealing and interesting.

Diamond ring

These are a few engagement rings for the groom.

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