5 Exotic Burlap Wedding Cake Ideas

A wedding cake is the last thing enjoyed by guests and will be remembered forever. From the look of the cake to the taste, it can make a long lasting impression about your wedding. So, it is important to plan the yummy details. If you are going to have a country wedding or a rustic theme, burlap inspired cake will be perfect. Here are a few ideas on how to have burlap as a feature of your wedding cake.

Burlap Wedding Cake Ideas:

1. Burlap Wrapped Cake With Flowers

A rustic wedding is filled with a lot of natural things, so should be the wedding cake. To make your romantic three-tier, white butter-cream cake a part of the rustic styled wedding, simply wrap a natural burlap ribbon at the bottom of each layer. A cascading flower arrangement from top down using natural flowers such as blue, white and purple hydrangeas or peonies and roses will make it graceful.

Burlap Wrapped Cake with Flowers

2. Burlap And Satin Lace Wrapped Cake

A vanilla cake layered with raspberries crème and vanilla butter cream icing can be made to suit your dreamy country wedding theme by wrapping the bottom layers of each layer with natural burlap ribbons and trying ivory colored satin lace at the centre of the burlap strip and adding ivory satin bows. A wooden heart cake topper monogrammed with the initials of the bride and the groom will make it more special.

Burlap and Satin Lace Wrapped Cake

3. Edible Burlap Cake

If you are inspired by the texture and appeal of the natural material, you can tell your baker to make a sugar burlap cake. A burlap ribbon and bow can be recreated using sugar and used to decorate a two tired cake to make the cake table a real showpiece. It will be fantastic treat to both the eyes and taste buds.

Edible Burlap Cake

4. Burlap-lace Cake

Lace is romantic and elegant. If you want your wedding cake to reflect the same elegant feeling to match your dress and have a touch of vintage and country theme, then this burlap lace cake is what you have been looking for. A three tier wedding cake with lace pattern and ivory fondant will be gorgeous. Wrap a burlap ribbon on the middle layer and decorate the cake with ivory sugar roses and edible pearls to jazz up the look.

Burlap-lace Cake

5. Naked Cakes With Burlap Toppers

Hold back the icing and go for an exposed, uncovered wedding cake if you want something different. Icing-free cakes are the trend now. They not only look stylish, but are also beautiful and sophisticated. Tell your baker to bake a single/multi tier naked cake and top it with natural burlap flowers or simply go for a simple burlap banner to match the theme.

Naked Cakes with Burlap Toppers

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