5 Fabulous Garden Wedding Arch Decoration Ideas

Though the wedding venue is a beautiful natural environment, you cannot take the wedding arch decorations lightly. It is the most important place in the ceremony where magical moments occur, so you definitely need to give some serious thoughts on how the arch should look like.

Here Are Some Amazing Ideas To Inspire You To Have A Vision Of Your Wedding Arch:

1. Classic

A woven branch arch decorated with a foliage and fresh flowers of pink and white color will be classic. Add a soft, flowy white curtain to enhance the look. Indeed, placing two tall stone garden planters filled with the same pink and white flowers on either side of the arch will make the decoration perfect to suit the surrounding.


2. Simple And Rustic

If you are planning to have the wedding ceremony under a large oak tree in the garden, then it is a great idea. It will be shady and the natural backdrop will be inimitable. Use one of the branches of the tree as the frame work for your wedding arch and use drapes and lanterns filled with wild flowers for creating the rustic look. If you want to add a little shimmer, hang down a crystal chandelier.

Simple and Rustic

3. Modern

A beautiful arch constructed using white wooden lattice will be elegant. Add some red or white flowers along with green climbers in the front. Keep the decoration minimal to show off the heavy framework. You can also go for a white or pink drape fabric and floral decoration to make the arch look gorgeous.


4. Contemporary

Acrylic columns are simple yet stunning. Go for floral decoration using bold colors over the acrylic columns to make a statement or keep it classic by choosing white or pink flowers. You can also go for crystal curtains or white drapes to make it more sophisticated. Rows of flower garlands hanging down along the sides of the acrylic columns will also look great.


5. Crafty

A simple white arch framework decorated on the outer line with green foliage will be neat. To make it a bit whimsical, hang dozens of crafted paper cranes or small hearts or small handmade paper flowers. These crafted hangings can be of same color or of different colors according to your preference.


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