5 Fall Wedding Makeup Ideas

All eyes will be on you when you walk down the aisle on your wedding day. This is the time to create a style statement, but it is always too difficult to decide what you can wear and how you want to look on the special day. Fortunately, if the wedding falls in cooler months like autumn, you can be more daring with your makeup. A few fall beauty ideas are listed here. Have a look before you decide on your look.

Here Are The Fall Wedding Makeup Ideas:

1. Bright Lips

Bold and rich colors are a way to make your own style statement this fall. ‘Bold lips’ is very popular and sexy during fall. All bold shades from lilac to red will look dramatic with a light gloss over it. Go for minimal eye makeup when you opt for bold lip colors. Define the lips using a slightly light lip liner and fill in the bold color inside to make it pop.

Bright Lips

2. Natural Makeup

If you are not the one who loves rich shades, go for natural makeup. Choose neutral color to make your look soft and very feminine. Nude, beige and many other soft colors will make you look more natural and fresh. Soft pastel makeup, natural gold tones, calm shades with soft lips are all some great ideas to look all natural and soft for fall wedding.

Natural Makeup

3. Brown Tones For Mascara

Hazy brown tones perfectly match the fall season as the season is all about shades of brown. Choose some soft brown shades for the eyes. Brownish mascara or brown eyeliner will make you stand out. Soft brown eyes with a brick red lip will look gorgeous and you can make inimitable style statement on the big day.

Brown Tones for Mascara

4. A Hint of Gray Shade For Smoky Eyes

Leave the black and slip into something that is slightly brighter than black to create a different yet stylish look. Try a gray shade instead of the black when you go for a smoky eye. A little gray amidst the pearly white eyelids will be dramatic and still soft and chic.

A Hint of Gray Shade for Smoky Eyes

5. Bright Blush

If you do not want a bold lip or a bright eye makeup, you can still create the drama by going for a bright blush on the apple cheeks. Nude lips with soft eyes, perfectly groomed brows and bright blush on cheeks will make you look very original on the special day.

Bright Blush

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