5 Gorgeous Braided Hairstyles For Brides

If you are someone who wants to create your own bridal hairstyle and are looking for inspiration, here is a great guide with 5 gorgeous bridal hairstyles with braids incorporated in them. These hairstyles are not only easy to create but look extremely classy and elegant as well. Here are some great ideas of braided hairdos for brides that look beautiful and photograph well.

Below Are 5 Gorgeous Braided Hairstyles For Brides:

1. Goddess Braid

This is a beautiful yet really simple to do hairstyle for your wedding. To make this hairdo, start by French braiding your hair from the top till you reach the middle. Pin it up and continue to braid ¾ of the hair till you reach the back of the neck. Secure the hairstyle up with bobby pins and add any accessories of your choice to decorate the style.


2. Ultimate Waterfall Braid

The beautiful cascading effect of this hairstyle has been gaining a lot of popularity on Pinterest recently. It works perfectly for both curly as well as straight hair. Though you might require a bit of practice to make this hairdo, but if you want to sport it on your special day, you can try it a couple times before the big day. To get this look, start by French braiding your hair right over your right ear. Begin the waterfall part by pulling the left hair strand in the middle. Then pull hair from top and pull it in the middle too. Take the right strand and then drop it down. Pick the section next to the dropped strand and place it in the middle part of your braid and continue in the same manner towards the left side of your head. On reaching the left side, repeat the earlier process and drop the final strand on the right. Now wrap the left strand on top of the middle piece. Secure it in place with bobby pins and use the hide it using the other hair.


3. Low Braided Bun With Headband

This is a great hairstyle choice for rustic themed or beach weddings since your hair stays in place even if the weather is quite windy. To make this hairdo, separate a tiny section of hair from the hairline and start making a Dutch braid behind it. Once you reach the top of the ear, continue making a regular braid till the bottom of the hair and secure it with a clear elastic band. Pull the rest of the hair together a make a low ponytail. Now take small sections from the ponytail and wrap them back in the bank to form a bun. Finally tuck away the front strands that are left from the brain and pin them down. Lightly mist some hairspray and smoothen down flyaways.


4. Infinity Braid Updo

This is another gorgeous bridal hairstyle that involves making three part braids that all join together to form a heading turning hairstyle. For this, divide your hair into three sections, one large one in the middle and two smaller ones on either side. Make a French braid on one of the sides and regular 3-strand braids on the other two sections. Make a loose bun with the middle braid and secure it with bobby pins. Now wrap the French braid under and around the bun and follow with the remaining braid and again wrap around the middle bun. Pin everything into place and end with a hairspray.


5. Princess Braids

If you are a bride looking for a simple hairstyle for a casual wedding look, this is the perfect hairstyle for you. To make this hairdo, separate a small section from the front on the right side of the head and create a braid going backwards, keeping it close to the head. Repeat on the other side and secure both of the braids using bobby pins on the head. Add any accessories of your choice to dress up the hairdo.


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