5 Hairstyles For Brides For A Monsoon Wedding

Bridal getup and look of a girl is beauty at its best. A girl takes every possible measure to look the best on her big day and make heads turn.  A bride to be always plans her look and appearance, including her hairdo much before her big day. Many brides who have a monsoon wedding are often concerned about the hairstyle that they shall opt for. It is usually tough for a bride to decide on a hairstyle which stays longer and intact during the monsoon season. The main concern for a girl getting married in the monsoon season is her hairstyle and the one she shall opt for.  As a bride, no girl wants her look to be spoiled because of her hairstyle. There are a number of hairstyle options which a bride can opt for her monsoon wedding.

Some Of The Hairstyles Have Been Mentioned And Discussed Below:

1. Tight Bun

A tight bun will be great hair up do if you have a monsoon wedding. You will have to pull back your hair and tie in to a bun. Make sure that the bun has been tied around tightly and there are no loose strands of hair to make it look untidy. This is a great hairdo for a monsoon wedding as your hair is tightly tied up and you do not have to be conscious or concerned about.

Tight bun

2. High Bun

A high bun is a great trendy and fashionable hairstyle off late. It is a style which has been sported by many. A high bun is a hairdo which can be sported as a formal or a casual hairstyle. It looks extremely classy and chic. As a bride if you are willing to try a hassle free and a stylish hairstyle, this will be a perfect one. This is simple yet an eye ball grabbing look.

High bun

3. Braided Bun

A braided bun is a stylish and an elegant hairstyle. This is a hairstyle which adds a different look to your appearance as a bride. The braided bun in an interesting, stylish and fashionable hairdo for a bride which will give the bride a very refreshing look and will definitely grab a lot of eye balls.

Braided bun

4. Flowers On Hair

Flowers always give your hair a fresh look. You can either opt for a flower bun or you can use fresh flowers on your hair to give it an interesting and new look. You can opt for a tiara made of flowers or leave your hair open by adding a flower of one of the sides of your hair. This is a simple look but looks really nice. Not much is done on your hair and it leaves you feeling comfortable too.

Flowers on hair

5. Braids

Braids are a trendy, stylish and an easy hairstyle which a bride can opt for her wedding. It is easy to handle and does not mess up your hair. To make braids look more interesting and appealing you can use various hair accessories on it. This will enhance the look of the bride.


These are a few interesting and eye catching hairstyles which will be easy to maintain for the bride during the season monsoon. These hairstyles are not too messy and be in the comfort zone of the bride. She can make them more interesting by opting for a head gear or various other hair accessories.

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