5 Ideas To Hand Craft Your Dream DIY Wedding

Running low on budget, no problem. Inviting a small gathering of people, still no problem. No big spaces, no problem at all. DIY ie. ‘Do It Yourself’ wedding is a way to counter such problems. You don’t have to spend a fortune or your life savings on just a single day where probably most of the people won’t remember you or your efforts in pleasing them. Thus a DIY wedding will probably the best way to see that your wedding is different & remembered for your effort, but yes you will have to put in some extra effort to see that you get the desired results, some of them may be.

Here Are The 5 Ideas To Hand Craft Your Dream DIY Wedding:

1. Colored Carpets

No red carpet available, let that not bring you down. An alternative to this is by having a carpet of any color covered with red roses. By this you can save up the money spent in hiring a red carpet, or when you don’t have a carpet at all, make a path just with flowers leading to the main area. Having some flowers or even some shrubs of some colorful flower besides the pathway would add to the magnificence to the day.

Colored carpets

2. Convert Your Barn Into A Romantic Wedding Venue

Having lots of space should be an asset to you. If your thought process works perfectly, your space in the farm for example a barn can be converted into a romantic wedding venue or used for dinner after the wedding. Lighting the barn up would look awesome with some decorations and candles in between would just do it perfectly for the couple. Considering music in the form of karaoke in the area would add to the beauty to the region. Possessing a farmhouse adds another benefit as you can host an after party there with some soft music, you do save up a lot for not renting a huge hall for the party.

Convert your barn into a romantic wedding venue

3. Invitation Cards

While the guests are entering, they are usually greeted by cards. Don’t get them printed, that is common. Having some waste carboard cut into small pieces with the guests’ names written on it would be heart whelming. Placing them on the tables as reserved for the invitees is also a way to welcome the guests and show them the way where they are supposed to sit.

Invitation cards

4. Personalized Photo Booth

Everyone likes being clicked, something to take back home for their scrapbook. Even though a professional photographer isn’t a bad option but this is a completely new and a cool idea. Setting up a stand with a camera is an option and to complement the same, having funny looking banners of posters are ideal ways to get going. If possible, having an Intax (a camera with instant photos) would provide the guests with best results.

Personalized Photo Booth

5. Customized Chair Backs

Do not spend money on the decorations, it is a waste. It is your wedding, make the chair backs look like the way you want, vis-à-vis the theme of the wedding. Purple is the perfect color if your wedding is themed royal and red is stands for romance & love, depends upon you to keep the ribbons or the cloth ready as per the color of your theme.

Customized Chair backsGive the personal touch to your wedding by trying the above mentioned DIY ideas. These ideas are surly going to make your day beautiful and memorable.

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