6 Amazing Places For An Adventerous Wedding

Weddings are an occasion to rejoice, have fun and carry back with you a truck loaded with memories. Most of us love weddings and the feeling and atmosphere which weddings bring along with it. With weddings being a rage and everyone wanting to do something different for their wedding a lot of new ideas and concepts are coming up. The couple getting married look into the wedding preparations and make sure that their wedding is a memorable one. The couples want their wedding to be different and according to their choice and what they enjoy. These days the destination weddings are the latest craze with people choosing some crazy locations for their weddings. They want a location which has not been covered and is truly one in a kind location. For couples who are adventurous and love to have fun can definitely opt for some really crazy and nerve wrecking experiences and locations. There are a lot of locations which are extremely adventurous and exciting for your wedding. Some of these amazingly adventurous locations have been mentioned and discussed below.

Here Are The 6 Amazing Places For An Adventerous Wedding:

1. Roller Coaster

Many of us love the roller coaster rides while many of us are petrified with the thought of it. If the roller coaster excites you, then you shall definitely you’re your wedding venue a thought. It would be fun and exciting getting married on a roller coaster ride. You can coordinate with the person at the amusement park and with an official who is willing to let this wedding happen. You can have a great mid- roller coaster wedding with immense speculation and fun. You can choose a nice place at Las Vegas which has a nice park with roller coaster. It will be a fun wedding.

Roller Coaster

2. Donuts Shop

Most of us love donuts. It simply energizes you and makes you happy. If you and your partner love donuts, it will be a great idea to get married at a donuts shop. A nice little wedding ceremony with some wedding celebrations at a donuts shop will be a sweet affair. You can choose some amazing personalized donuts for your wedding and a cake similar to a donuts as well. You can choose a nice donuts shop. My favourite being the Voodoo Donut Shop in Portland or Dunkin Donuts if your budget is limited.

Donuts Shop

3. Under Water

If as a couple you are fond of water and water sports, it would be a great idea to have an underwater wedding. It would be so different and fun. Convincing an official will be tough for this though. You can also ask your guests willing to witness and underwater wedding to come along. In fact, you will have totally different spectators to witness your wedding. It will be one of a kind wedding. You can choose your most preferred island which offers some amazing water sports.

Under Water

4. In The Sky

If you love the open sky and heights then tying the knot up in the sky is possibly the best wedding location for you. It would be a great idea to host your guests about one hundred or one hundred and fifty feet above the sky. You can have a wedding in the hot air balloon or the helicopter. You may also opt for some amazing sports before tying the knot. Make sure you make prior arrangements for all in your city or elsewhere.

In The Sky

5. A Cave

If you love to explore the caves and enter them, it would be lovely to have a cave wedding. In fact, it will give you a sense of being in the past. It will also give you a little eerie and mysterious feeling too. It will be a lovey wedding with all your guests having different facial expressions from being happy to petrify. You shall make sure that you have a photographer to capture all the moods and emotions. These will definitely make you laugh later. Choose a cave which is accessible and where complications are involved.

A Cave

6. Your Team’s Stadium

A perfect location for sports loving couple for their wedding would definitely be a team stadium. It could be your soccer team stadium, cricket team or any other sport team stadium. It would be a great feeling to get married in a place which is so close you your heart. Your guests can be seated in the stands for the crowds, while you can have the ceremony right in the center of the stadium. It will definitely be a great feeling which cannot be described in words. You can have beer and hot dogs served for the guests. It will be thrilling to have a wedding at the stadium.

Your Team’s Stadium

These are a few amazing weddings with a lot of adventure, fun and excitement factor. If you are sporting and adventurous as a couple you shall definitely not give these amiss. These destinations are just amazing and full of adventure.

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