6 Amazing Resorts In Venice For Your Honeymoon

Venice is one of the most beautiful and romantic places on the earth. If you are visiting this beautiful place for your honeymoon then you want to stay in the finest hotels and resorts in Venice. It is not important to judge the place by how much you are being charged but it is important for the place to be nice and giving you all the space and privacy that you want with your partner. There are a number of amazing places where you can stay in Venice.

Some Of These Places Have Been Mentioned Below:

1. The Bauer Palazzo

The Bauer Palazzo is one of the best places to stay in Venice if you want to know about the real urban Venetian lifestyle. It is located very close to the center of Venice and has a vintage touch to it. You will love the classic and vintage furniture here which will take you back in time. The place also has a great view where you will love to spend time. For some luxury you can also visit the lovely salon here.

Visit The Bauer Palazzo

The Bauer Palazzo

2. Cima Rose Boutique Bed & Breakfast

The Cima Rosa is located in the northerly Santa Croce district. It is a [lace which is full of life as it is surrounded by some amazing eateries. It also has a number of sights within a walking range. You will love the view of waterways which will be seen from your windows. It is a stylish place which is a perfect blend of the present and the past. You will love your stay here.

Visit Cima Rose Boutique Bed & Breakfast

Cima Rose Boutique Bed & Breakfast

3. Hotel Excelsior Venice

This is an amazing resort in Venice which has been designed in Moorish style. It will remind you of the very famous Venetian Renaissance palace. It is a nice place to stay in for a honeymooning couple as it is famous for romantic getaways. The hotel has a stunning view which overlooks the sea which will leave you completely mesmerized. It is a great place as it offers you all that you need for a perfect honeymoon.

Visit Hotel Excelsior Venice

Hotel Excelsior Venice

4. The Gritti Palace

The Gritti Palace is located in a beautiful location which overlooks the Grand Canal. It is one of the few places in Venice which give you the best view of the city. The place has been built and has recently been restored with extensive handcraft work. You will love this place and the breath-taking view it offers.

Visit The Gritti Palace

The Gritti Palace

5. Al Ponte Mocenigo

The Al Ponte Mocenigo is one of the most popular places in Venice among the honeymooners. The main attraction here is a suite with a balcony; it is simply loved by the honeymooners. The hotel has an ancient charm to it. The hotel has a number of antique pieces and interiors which give a very classic and eye catching look to the hotel.

Visit Al Ponte Mocenigo

Al Ponte Mocenigo

6. AD Place

The AD Place is one of the best places that honeymooners shall stay in for their romantic vacation. It is the best place to stay in Venice if you want all comforts, great service and a perfect mix of the entire honeymoon. The hotel staffs are friendly and helpful which is the biggest positive here. The lobby here has famous and interesting art exhibitions which catch the eyes of all. The place is quiet except for the occasional Opera gatherings. It is a great place to stay in Venice for your honeymoon.

Visit AD Place

AD Place

These are a few places to stay in Venice for your honeymoon.

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