6 Awe-Inspiring Bridal Hair Vine ideas

As bride-to-be, you might be overwhelmed with the options available to style your hair on the special day. Long waves, braid, and half up or chic chignon the possibilities are endless. Once you choose the hairstyle, you need to select the hair accessories that suit the hairstyle, as it can take your look to another level. However, choosing the right hair accessory could be tricky, as you have hair pins, hair bands, tiara, hair vines etc. The most versatile of all the accessories is the hair vine. From boho to western and modern, bridal hair vines are so popular and considered an important accessory to beautify the bride. Hair vines are available in different styles, designs, and colors, from fresh flowers to jeweled. If you a big fan of this awesome hair accessory and looking for some cool ideas on how to wear it differently to make a statement on your D-day, here are five fantastic ideas.

Bridal Hair Vine Ideas

1. Headband Style

Headband hair vine is a safe and popular choice when you are wearing a veil. Again, it looks best not only on long hair, but on short hair as well. Golden or silver vine will look classic. Look for something with rhinestone for a little sparkle. For a romantic style and Grecian, you can do a braided headband. Secure a hair vine on top of the headband. Securing a hair vine could be a bit tricky for those with a pixie cut, so attach a ribbon to your hair vine. Tie this under the hair and secure using bobby pins.

Headband Style

2. Along The Hair

Want to make a statement on the big day with your hair vine then hang down the hair vine along the length of your hair. This might sound ordinary, but it actually is an infrequent and dazzling way of wearing a hair vine, especially when you have a long hair. Just take care of the vine’s weight and secure it well using bobby pins so that it does not move down suddenly.

Along the Hair

3. Entwined With Hair

This is again a very popular way of wearing a hair vine. This style looks great when you wear a loose braid or go for a loose updo or a spectacular bridal bun. The details of the vine or the floral embellishments when intertwined with the stunning hairdo will make you look like ethereal on the special day.

Entwined with Hair

4. Side To Back

As hair vine is quite flexible, so it could be used in several ways. Hair vine worn on the backside of the head may be quite common and at the same time, wearing it on the side of the head would be quite fanciful, but to look out of the world on the D-day, try wearing one from side to back. A loose twisted braid or messy braid or even a loose curly low ponytail will look awesome.

Side to Back

5. Crown Style

This style is without a doubt for those brides, who want to look like a fairy tale princess on the wedding day. Wear the hair vine just like a crown on your head above your hairline with loose hair or tied at the back. With veil or without veil, you will make a stunning bride in this crown style.

Crown Style

6. On The Forehead

This style is perfect for those brides inspired by a boho style. The hair vine can be worn on the forehead with various hairstyles. A messy bun, loose braid or tousled waves will look wonderful.

On the Forehead

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